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Monthly archives: October, 2003

Going to Stacmon!

I’m leaving today for Stacmon. I’ve waited months for the talent event Quafe is putting on. Finally, a chance to be heard! Some of the best talent scouts in the region will be there. I’ve been practicing day and night for weeks and am sure I’ve picked my best songs. The fans at home are very excited for me. Some of them have pledged to be there to cheer me on!

My parents and brothers are coming with me. It will be nice to have them along for support. I know I can do this, but I can’t help being nervous. There will be many other talented singers at the event too, and all of them wanting to be “discovered” just as much as I do. What would it be like to one day be on the top of the Egonics Charts?

This is the first time anyone in my family other than my father has left Intaki. If it weren’t for the fact this is my chance to really make a career out of my music, I don’t believe he would have let me go, never mind made a family trip out of it. He still maintains we have no business with anything beyond the homeworld. I wonder what space will be like?


Everything has to have a beginning. I suppose this is mine.

Sakaane Eionell

Sakaane Eionell

I was born on Intaki to a loving family. My father was a traditionalist and favored concentrating on our life at home. He and my mother sheltered my siblings and me from whatever lay beyond Intaki. I didn’t mind this so much until after I left Intaki and discovered the harsh realities of New Eden, and just how ignorant I was.

As a girl I loved to sing and as I grew into a young woman music became my passion, my art. I had gathered a modest following at home and believe I could have made a decent career for myself…but as I know now is wont to happen in Placid, one day the Serpentis changed my life forever. It’s an old story: a passenger liner, full of innocent travellers, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rescue crews pulled my mother, me, and too few others from the wreck. Everyone else, including my father and siblings, were lost.