I called home after hearing about the SCC diplomats who were slain in Vey today. They were en route to a meeting in Intaki with Intaki Syndicate representatives to create new trade deals. Of course it’s all very political, as it reflects on Eman Autrech’s presidential campaign. I hadn’t previously decided yet who I was going to vote for in the election, but was starting to warm up to Autrech due to his attention to the Intaki people. As usual the pirate scum living in Placid couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make their presence felt. How they learned of the mission is still unknown. Given the breach of information I imagine the talks will be called off completely, and I can’t see Autrech winning the election now.

These deaths are high-profile though, so the attack has drawn some attention to the low security rating of Intaki and the surrounding systems. It surprises me still that Placid has such troubles despite the Intaki being the largest ethnic minority within the Federation. Is it just that our people have become too absorbed into modern Gallente culture to care about what happens at home? But then, I suppose the vast majority of Intaki people born today never actually see our homeland… Maybe the media coverage will make the Federation pay more attention.