The attack on Reschard V is all over the news. Training today was suspended; we were quietly informed the Feds might actually send cadets down to support the officers if naval action is called for. The Caldari Navy have been mobilizing their ships along the Placid/Citadel border. Reporters say this is a rumor but we know better. So far though, mostly we’ve just sat around in the campus common areas watching the news for updates.

I don’t know anyone on Reschard V but even so I’m angry. No one has claimed responsibility thus far. Could the Serpentis have done this? Apparently CONCORD scanners picked up a capital-class ship in low orbit around the planet moments before the attack. Supposing the Serpentis had acquired such a vessel, why bring it against Reschard V? What was the point of this attack? I can fathom none except pure, senseless violence. The Intaki living there were mainly farmers; the colony had no military presence and certainly little, if any, tactical value. Whoever is responsible has just leapt over the line from acts of piracy to acts of terrorism…and if the attackers are never identified, they will get away with it too. All the more reason to rout out the scum in Placid!

The feeds say the level of destruction on the surface will result in nearly ninety percent loss of all life. Sisters of EVE are down there already but the aftermath of the explosion has created a planetary storm which is preventing anyone from doing much. No Federation officials have shown up yet, and as the hours drag by it seems the reporters are harping on this fact more and more and losing sight of this terrible incident. Sometimes I just don’t understand the Federation’s priorities.