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Yearly archives: 2007


Devan surprised me yesterday by showing up at the campus. I was called out to meet a guest and there he was, standing at the security checkpoint with that expression he always gets when he’s in trouble with me for something. When I asked how he’d managed to get away, he said he’d politely told his boss, Nailo, to “shove it for a few days” so he could come sort things out with me.

Security wouldn’t clear him for entry on immediate notice so I had to tell him I would meet him later in his quarters, which I did. We talked about the argument. There isn’t much to say. I know he’ll never be happy about me being in the navy but he has to accept this is the path I chose.

What Could Have Been

Today marks four years since the Serpentis attack which destroyed my family and many others.

The twins would have been eighteen this year. I find myself thinking about them a lot, wondering about the men they would have grown into. I imagine by now they would have been eager to go off to school together and play pranks on girls by switching themselves out for each other.

I think Maekari would have pursued starship and station design. He always liked to doodle, but not really artful stuff. His drawings were always precise and focused on things that could be built. He liked anything that could fly or float in the sky and gobbled up every scrap about starships he could get his hands on when Father wasn’t looking. Maybe he would have wanted to learn to be a pilot, even if not a capsuleer, but I think he would have enjoyed creating new and wonderful ships the most.


In half a year I’m going to graduate and spend my time putting myself into situations where I could be blown to smithereens on a daily basis. I know I’m the one who chose this. The Serpentis are a blight and must be wiped out!

I remember when I had no idea what cloning was, who capsuleers were. The vocal chords I use today are my own, yet not. Alien to me, even if they are genetically identical. Maybe that’s why I can’t sing. They are simply not the ones I had, the ones I spent years practicing with to give life to the lyrics I wrote…

Seeing the news today about the Impro cloning scandal makes me suddenly anxious about the choice I made. The training I’ve undergone these last years has been, in part, to prepare me for the eventuality that I will be podded and wake up in yet another new body. This is not altogether different from what the Reborn experience… I’m rather fond of the body I have now, even though it, too, isn’t the original. Even if another new body is a clone of the old one, I’d still know it was different.

But this…increased of instances of mind-lock and corrupted neural transfers…is alarming. While some people see capsuleers and the Reborn as ‘cheating’ death, I still know one day this particular body will expire. Just…not like that. Not so I can’t go on. Not because of a software glitch! And Impro says their figures are ‘in line’ with other corporations, as if they are talking about stop-loss failures or production irregularities! These are people who trust them to ensure they still wake up when the other guy wins. It gives me chills.

Cover Up

Vorada Kuvakei was released today after his lawyers entered a plea bargain for him against the charges made resulting from his involvement with the Serpentis carrier takedown last month. Along with his associates, he’s been expelled from Federation territory too.

I’ve been mulling this over and can’t really wrap my head around it. Xavier originally accused Kuvakei of being “politically motivated” in his actions and of “withholding information and evidence”. What sort of information and evidence would Kuvakei have possibly had if he wasn’t actually involved with the Serpentis directly? Are the Feds so daft in their investigation methods that an operation the size of the one leading to the capture of the carrier was easily disrupted by one or two random capsuleers? Really?

I rather believe the Federation, and Xavier in particular, simply saw an opportunity to pick up on some other slight Kuvakei dealt them in the past, and capitalized on it. Kuvakei is formerly of Mordu’s Legion, and I’m sure there are those in the Federation who still feel the sting of that bit of history. The fact there is a gag order regarding the plea bargain leads me to believe I’m right. If the Illoren pilots really were just interfering in the operation somehow, what could be such a big secret? Why bother exiling them from the Federation? No, something else went on there and I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the Serpentis.

Meanwhile, I will eagerly await the trial of Cobra Squadron.

Famous Last Words

Typical. I wrote last time about the Feds actually working with and acknowledging those in Placid who have desire to make the system a better place. The Placid Militia and Illoren each contributed to the takedown of that Serpentis carrier and should be recognized for it regardless. But, seeing the Scope today, it seems to me Inspector Xavier has a personal agenda of his own, especially where Vorada Kuvakei is concerned.

“The Federation is looking to thank its loyal supporters by awarding medals to people who have been highly commended because of their acts within the past few months, against the Serpentis” the article says, yet they let people like Xavier run around smearing other pilots and cluttering up the core issue with his garbage. What is he hoping to accomplish? He wants all the glory for himself, obviously. Meanwhile, the important issue, that of working to reduce the problems in Placid, has been completely blown off the radar.

I should have known.


The Federation finally dealt the Serpentis in Placid a blow and hopefully made a dent in the drug trade. Nice, too, to see the Feds working with local groups like the Placid Militia and actually acknowledging them for trying to do what the Federation honestly should have been doing all along.

The article calls Rise “a scourge on the region of Placid” and I can’t agree more. Even being Reborn myself, I honestly don’t understand why so many Intaki are attracted to it. Despite its supposed “assistance” with memory recall, it has such dangerous risks, and even if it didn’t… It cheapens the whole tradition of being Reborn, spits on those who spend years training the mental disciplines our ancestors used to pull true memories. Anyone who uses Rise simply wants an easy time of it, can’t be bothered to do the work themselves and wants to skip ahead. It’s cheating!

Camping – The Wilds

I took some much-needed personal leave recently, probably the only break I’ll get before graduation in March. Devan came up and whisked me away from Duripant for a weekend getaway to Ignebaener V. We took a shuttle down from the Federal Intel station at Ignebaener IV and then trekked out into the middle of nowhere wilderness to “get away from it all”. I haven’t been camping now for years. I forgot how much I missed being out in the green.

Let me reiterate it was the middle of nowhere down there. There were no services for miles and no controlled campgrounds. We were literally camped off some tiny gravel road in the midst of the trees where it happened to be flat and we could get at with the car we rented at the spaceport.

There was just enough twilight left peeking over the mountains when we arrived to set up our tent and get a fire going (the freebie place conveniently came with a stone firepit painstakingly put together by someone else).


Today the Scope ran a rather delightful story about Intaki sweet pod melons! How surprising to see something from my home cropping up somewhere as far away as Nahol? Makes the cluster seem like a much smaller place.

I love sweet pods. Haven’t had it in ages though, so I popped down to show Njal the story and he’s already been in contact with his suppliers. Although sweet pods have been available off Intaki for several years now, the Amarr’s sudden interest has renewed the fruit’s popularity just about everywhere and they’re suddenly a lot easier to obtain again.

He says he’ll create a new dish for the menu, and I’ll be the first to have a taste. I’m looking forward to it! I remember going out into the jungle with Maekari and Kiraeni to pick them, and the boys grabbing the small, unripe ones with their tiny hands because they couldn’t handle the larger ones. Then they’d fight over who had the most, or the biggest, or the best… Mom used to make ice cream from whatever we brought back…

It’ll be nice to taste that flavor again.


The Brothers of Freedom have continued to spark riots in the State, and now today there are reports the Caldari Navy and local authorities put down the riots at the cost of thousands of civilian lives.

Violence has never been a particularly efficient way to affect change in any society, yet the most necessary of changes always only seem to come after violence. Why must it be these extremes before those who hold power sit up and take notice, or are overthrown? From a bullied child on a playground to widespread groups of otherwise normal, non-violent adults, eventually patience to handle their problems “within the rules” runs out, boiling over into a lashing out of frustration and anger. Why are people who want better lives always pushed to take these drastic measures? Why can’t change happen before it gets to this point?

Federation Day

Happy Federation Day!

I watched the Blazing Comets depart this morning for Aunia, where there will be a pretty big party taking place. It would have been great to be with them, but as a cadet I’m nowhere near qualified to join their ranks—yet. Maybe one day.

The atmosphere on campus is pretty upbeat. None of us were much interested in our training exercises today, to the point the Feds sent us out with orders to “Go burn your energy on something” so we’d be productive again later. I’m sure this was all tongue-in-cheek, as they would rather be home with their families too.

Devan wasn’t able to join me on short notice so I wandered the station for a bit and visited the shopping district. Sales galore for the week, and though I really don’t need much to get by with, since the navy more or less provides almost everything except ship hardware, I couldn’t help but pick up a few things anyway.

I tried calling Mom, but there was no answer at her room. I wonder if Aranza convinced her to go down and join the other residents for supper, or even outside for a walk? It would be good for her to spend time socializing. I wonder how the weather there has been. I’m sure she’s fine.