Lately the news has been full of stories about unrest all over New Eden. The latest is about a Caldari scientist, Hirento Autinen, who has supposedly “defected” to the Gallente by accepting a position with a Federation firm. Kaalakiota earned itself some rather scathing remarks from Autinen, who seemed to have nothing against repeating them in public, so I suppose the Caldari feel insulted. State Navy ships just about came into conflict with private Gallente vessels at the border when Autinen tried to make the journey into the Federation. There’s talk about mercenaries and assassins even!

I don’t particularly understand the Caldari in this, nor much else. Perhaps this is because I don’t consider myself “Gallente” despite what the sociologists in the Federation would prefer me to say. I am, first and foremost, Intaki. And while certain other factions would have everyone believe that all Intaki are Caldari-loving, Federation-hating people, I do not find myself having any particularly strong affinity for the Caldari either.