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Monthly archives: May, 2007

The Death of New Eden?

Two days ago I wrote with disgust about events in the Caldari State. Today there is news about a terrorist attack in Egbonbet which killed Republic civilians as well as delegates who were to attend the next round of talks between the Minmatar Republic and the Ammatar Mandate.

What is going on here? The general population cringes in fear at the very mention of capsuleers and the deadly power we hold, yet they suffer actions like these, perpetrated by terrorist groups who are no more than regular human beings.

There has been so much violence in New Eden lately. What is going on…

Death of Liberties

Yesterday, citizens of the Caldari State summarily executed 65,000 of their fellow citizens for seemingly nothing more than a difference of opinion regarding governance.

I can’t begin to fathom how something like this happens, even in a society like the State. At what point does it become all right to persecute fellow citizens for wanting something they believe is better for themselves?

I’m reminded of what happened in February when the scientist defected. The State was so up in arms about that, one person… Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised then that when 65,000 of their people plan to protest about the State itself that this is the kind of response meted out.

The Feds tell us the State is the enemy. Before now I always felt I should take their opinion with a rather large dose of salt, because their opinion is stained with countless years of bloodshed and hatred and distrust.

Now I am certain they were right.