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Monthly archives: June, 2007


The Brothers of Freedom have continued to spark riots in the State, and now today there are reports the Caldari Navy and local authorities put down the riots at the cost of thousands of civilian lives.

Violence has never been a particularly efficient way to affect change in any society, yet the most necessary of changes always only seem to come after violence. Why must it be these extremes before those who hold power sit up and take notice, or are overthrown? From a bullied child on a playground to widespread groups of otherwise normal, non-violent adults, eventually patience to handle their problems “within the rules” runs out, boiling over into a lashing out of frustration and anger. Why are people who want better lives always pushed to take these drastic measures? Why can’t change happen before it gets to this point?

Federation Day

Happy Federation Day!

I watched the Blazing Comets depart this morning for Aunia, where there will be a pretty big party taking place. It would have been great to be with them, but as a cadet I’m nowhere near qualified to join their ranks—yet. Maybe one day.

The atmosphere on campus is pretty upbeat. None of us were much interested in our training exercises today, to the point the Feds sent us out with orders to “Go burn your energy on something” so we’d be productive again later. I’m sure this was all tongue-in-cheek, as they would rather be home with their families too.

Devan wasn’t able to join me on short notice so I wandered the station for a bit and visited the shopping district. Sales galore for the week, and though I really don’t need much to get by with, since the navy more or less provides almost everything except ship hardware, I couldn’t help but pick up a few things anyway.

I tried calling Mom, but there was no answer at her room. I wonder if Aranza convinced her to go down and join the other residents for supper, or even outside for a walk? It would be good for her to spend time socializing. I wonder how the weather there has been. I’m sure she’s fine.