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Monthly archives: June, 2008

Tibus Heth

Tibus Heth is a tyrant, a madman, and the worst leader the Caldari State could have asked for.

Those people need to wake up and crush that maniacal, racist megalomaniac. The sooner, the better.

Now more than ever I weep for the loss of Otro Gariushi.

The Shortest War

The world has gone insane since the end of May. There is no better word. This isn’t war. It’s insanity.

Two days ago while the Minmatar continued to rain hell upon the Amarr, and then subsequently had some hell rained down upon them, a Caldari Navy task force crossed into Federation space, intent upon invading and reclaiming Caldari Prime for themselves. They brought a titan with them.

We scrambled to deploy. Comms were choked with distress signals from within the system. My squad only got as far as Algogille; the Caldari jammed up the gates on the Luminaire side with anti-ship mines. While we sat there, useless, word came the Senate had declared war on the State. Immediately after, Scope News reported the State Navy had begun bombarding Caldari Prime.