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Monthly archives: November, 2008

Director of Personnel

The theft two days ago has left everyone rather contemplative. Devan, Nailo, and I were talking about it today and I tossed out a few ideas regarding new procedures for bringing new people into the corp.

Given these guys are all friends (more or less; I don’t think Eric actually knows the meaning of the word) I think to date they haven’t really thought about how to handle recruitment of complete strangers. After Ven and Gabe I was probably the closest thing to it when Devan brought me in.

Anyway, I suggested things like a more rigorous interview process and even some co-op work before bringing someone under the corp’s banner. Next thing I knew I was being offered the title of Director of Personnel along with all of the responsibilities and security permissions that go with it!

I felt embarrassed and even shamed. I don’t believe Devan ever repeated to Nailo nor anyone else the things I said about the TGPI crew back in September, but I wondered if Nailo somehow knew anyway. Maybe that office is bugged… Yet the offer was there, free for me to take if I wanted.

Even though I had (and, to much extent, still have) reservations about the company Devan has been keeping, so far it’s been working out all right. The bulk of the corp keeps to themselves and many of them are often off in other parts of New Eden, so we rarely actually cross paths. I spend most of my time with Devan and Eric, and for the most part that suits me fine. The guys are polite when they do see me though, and I reply in kind, so we have been getting along. Small steps.

For Nailo to offer this to me is much more than a small step though. An investment of trust…

I accepted.

Petty Thief Meets Unfortunate End

We hit a noteworthy growth milestone today, experiencing our first incident of corporate theft. The culprit was a recent recruit, Katja Zhthrass. She attempted to make off with a stockpile of goods from the corp hangar.

Thankfully Devan has done his job well. Access to the corp hangars is regulated and restricted for new recruits. All the high-end technology and other such goods are locked away in the Director’s hangars. She could only make off with petty items kept in the unsecured general locker.

Being Director of Security, Devan called in the DED and they ended up coming upon a rather grisly discovery in the hangar bay. Someone had brought in a crate of slaver hounds, recovered from an illegal slave trader’s wreck, and I guess Zhthrass opened it…and met an untimely end.

This wouldn’t normally have been much of an issue, as she was a capsuleer like any other. Except that our accounting records turned up something else odd… She must have made use of an illegal cloning facility and something went wrong. She’s truly dead, which I’m not sure is just desserts after already being devoured by the hounds. But no family came forward, so TGPI was awarded a sum of approximately $300,000.00 ISK, being the default beneficiary of Ms. Zhthrass’s estate!

We all had a good chuckle over it. Meanwhile, the hounds have been sent to the humane service for rehab and adoption, and Devan will be putting the money toward buying additional security.

Just goes to show…crime doesn’t pay.