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Monthly archives: December, 2008

Cosmic Snowball Fights!

I woke today to find a peculiar delivery waiting for me in my station hangar. The station comms are abuzz about it; I guess everyone received the same, mysterious delivery: a snowball launcher and a supply of one hundred snowballs.

Devan and I dropped our plans for today to have fun with this. Devan stuck his on his Iskhur and I opted for an Incursus, and then we ran around Bereye and Halle pelting each other and anyone (and anything, including the station!) we could find with the huge snowballs. I tell you, CONCORD captains have no sense of humor: one in particular was rather annoyed when we opened fire on him. Just because the snowballs are bigger than a man’s head, they didn’t actually do any damage! He ranted about how he’d nearly blown us to smithereens.

We caught a lone Serpentis frigate in one of the asteroid belts and taunted him for a good half hour. I’m not sure why he didn’t call for reinforcements after I started alternating between snowball and blaster fire… Maybe he was laughing too hard at being pelted by snow to notice it was his ship melting until it was too late?

Life is good.

Devan gets pelted with a cosmic snowball

Devan gets pelted with a cosmic snowball

Mourning Star

Thanks to Devan Corvel for participating.

Everyshore Region – Osnins Constellation – Halle System

The last of the Serpentis ships exploded. Sakaane smiled a smile of satisfaction and set Ebony Cascade to intercept the nearest wreck while simultaneously alerting her crew to prepare to loot any viable cargo, including an item her agent wanted. She would return later in her Catalyst, Quicker Picker Upper, to retrieve the rest of the loot and salvage the wrecks for anything else of worth.

The wreck grew in her view as the Myrmidon approached and her camera drones drew near. She focused on it, sending the drones to circle around so she could see the sparking, twisted metal from all sides. How many pirate vessels had she reduced to this slag? She’d lost count. It felt great.

Her ship came in range and coasted to a stop. While waiting idly for the cargo to be transferred aboard and for lack of anything else to do, Sakaane brought up her ship’s directional scanner and fiddled with the settings. She didn’t really expect to find anything else but junk and debris out here in the middle of nowhere—after all, that was why pirate factions like the Serpentis chose to live in these dead areas—but sometimes the scanner would pick up an occasional amusing tidbit of something, and it was better than passing the time simply floating in her capsule doing nothing.

An intermittent blip appeared on the scanner.

Her crew signaled up. “It’s not in this one.”