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Monthly archives: January, 2009

Caldari Prime Memorial

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Caldari Prime Memorial in Luminaire.

Interesting that they feel justified in holding a memorial for their own people to decry the acts of the Gallente who bombarded the surface in the first war, when a Titan remains parked over the planet with standing orders to bombard its segregated Gallente districts, as well as all of Gallente Prime itself, if the Gallente retaliate. The Caldari sneer and hike up their noses at the Federation and yet they are quite content to conduct themselves in the very same manner as the ancestors of the people they despise.

And yet… The Caldari threat to glass the surface seems to be so very empty. The Gallente certainly retaliated, and even if the CONCORD militia act sanctions war activities between the empires, nothing has been gained: the fighting continues, systems remain contested, and the titan sits idle. And for what? What a waste of time, money, effort, life.


At the end of December, Empress Jamyl I emancipated all ninth generation and later Minmatar slaves. The news rightly labelled the announcement a historical event. Enslavement is a terrible thing to do to any person. The empress said, “The Lord in his infinite grace has instructed me that the chains that fetter us will no longer be necessary in this new age of light and reason, neither the chains of hatred that restrain our minds nor the chains of indenture that restrain those less fortunate than ourselves.”

I’m not a follower of Amarr religion. I don’t pretend to understand even an iota of their beliefs or their god. But it seems to me that any gesture, divine or not, that frees the Minmatar people from the imprisonment imposed upon them by the Amarr is a step in the right direction. I understand the empress’s return was controversial and some, I think, still question whether she should be in power. I’d like to believe this event is at least a hint that she is going to take the Amarr Empire in a direction that will to the betterment of both her people and the Republic’s.