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Monthly archives: April, 2009

Retail Therapy?

Thanks to Devan’s gift I had enough reserve savings to purchase the Legion!

The Amarr Legion

The Amarr Legion

Ooh! Aah!

I’m looking forward to taking both of my new ships out for a spin to see how they perform against the Serps. Even if it is currently unrealistic to do anything about the Caldari occupation at home, I can still push ahead with trying to eliminate this criminal element. If I can make a serious enough dent in their operations here they might pull some of their forces away from Placid, and that might be something of a help or relief to the people at home still dealing with the Caldari…


Perhaps partially as a ‘feel better’ gift, and perhaps partially because the market price keeps creeping up faster than I’ve been able to increase the balance in my wallet, today Devan gifted me the last several hundred million ISK I needed so I could finally buy the Marauder I have trained and saved for since December when I found Mourning Star and became, as Devan puts it, obsessed with “Amarr shinies”.

The Paladin is a gorgeous hull, with that blazing red streak down its spine. Most Amarr hulls are gold in color and though I normally prefer silver hues in my precious metals, I find I can’t resist these ships. Gold just works for them!

The Amarr Marauder

The Amarr Marauder

I have my eye set on another new hull as well, the one the Amarr have put into production based on new technology brought back from w-space…but I think Bloodtalon will nevertheless remain far above any other hull I own, as a personal “flagship” of sorts!

Wormhole Spelunking

Today I ventured into space for the first time since losing Mourning Star to the Amarr slavers. I’ve had a terrible time dealing with “phantom ship” syndrome… At first I could not sleep for the constant feeling of still being connected to the Armageddon, the terrible wrenching sensations of the ship being torn apart around me, sudden injections of panic hearing the hull breach alarms over and over and confusion over why I never heard the shield or armor breach warnings… Visions of the faces of the crew that I lost…

It took a few days to work up the nerve, but in thinking about it I wondered if re-establishing links with a ship would override the phantom feelings I couldn’t block out myself, like when you’re a kid and fall off your bicycle. If you don’t get back on it right away… So I decided to bring Happy Face of Death out of mothballs and put only a skeleton crew on her.

Devan has kept himself busy by refining his skill in scanning down the wormholes that now proliferate through local space since the Seyllin disaster a month ago. Today he found one here. Eric was off on some errand or other and despite the fact capsuleers all over the cluster are now happily making new homes or kingdoms or whatever for themselves in these uncharted zones that are supposedly another galaxy away from us, I couldn’t let Devan go in alone.