The last month and a half has been an unexpected whirlwind of activity. The Federation Senate voted to deny votes to occupied systems which means all the people at home will not be allowed to have their opinion heard in the upcoming elections. I’m infuriated like many others but uncertain what, if anything, can be done about it right now. The Caldari need to be ousted, first and foremost.

Shortly after Devan’s and my disgraceful adventure in the wormhole, Nailo suddenly reappeared and surprised us all by having a blushing fiancée in tow! She’s a baseliner and a lovely woman, and didn’t seemed perturbed at all at being in the presence of so many capsuleers at once.

I tried very hard to ignore Devan’s pointed I told you he wasn’t a spy look. I reserve judgment; no woman could really be that good to explain Nailo’s total disappearance for months on end. A bride might make for a convenient cover story, though watching them I have no doubt Nailo loves her very much.