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Yearly archives: 2010

Ebook Collections

There are story arcs on Solitary Pilot spanning numerous entries which took months (if not years) to write. By collecting the related posts together, readers are now able to enjoy complete narratives from the comfort of their tablet or eReader.

7th Annual Impetus Holoreel Convention

March, YC113. Thousands of allies and rivals from across the cluster have temporarily set aside their differences to travel to Dodixie, a star system in the heart of the Gallente Federation. There they will share drinks with one another, forge new friendships, and party hard at the Impetus Holoreel Convention, a massive gathering of capsuleers celebrating all facets of life in war-torn New Eden.

Among them are Sakaane Eionell and Bataav en Gravonere, two pilots from the Intaki Liberation Front keen to meet each other face to face for the first time. But their vacation brings more than they bargained for when a pirate seizes the opportunity for revenge, forcing Sakaane to begin questioning the truth about her family’s past.

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More eBook Collections will be posted Soon™!


The bank contacted me today because someone has deposited money into my account. A lot of money.

This is the second time this has happened; I never discovered who it was the first time. It seems my benefactor still wishes to remain anonymous, as once again there were no details included, just a note. Make good use of the funds, it said.

I asked the bank to investigate again. How can anyone transfer such a large amount of ISK without revealing their identity? Not to mention—why would someone arbitrarily dump these funds on me? My first instinct says there must be something criminal going on…although the notes that accompanied both deposits have not suggested anything of the sort.

The bank insists they have no information and can only confirm the funds are legitimate. They must be protecting the benefactor’s identity. But then…if he or she has this kind of wealth to throw around, I suppose I’m not surprised.

I asked Bataav to look into it but he came up empty too.


I have come back to the Intaki Liberation Front!

It was not entirely at my convenience, but I’m not sad it happened when it did. I had expected to stay with Tantalus and CM a bit longer, but when the universe so obviously says otherwise, what is one to do but smile and nod and just do it?

The war against Silent Overwatch was going nowhere so it was withdrawn. Fine by me. Almost immediately after that, Comic Mischief seemed to implode. I’m not clear on all the details, but Natalya wanted us to go down to Amarr space and hop into ops with a group of blue pilots from outside the alliance. I was stationside for the first one but Gabe and the others were there. Something went wrong and most of our ships were destroyed. The guys were pretty upset about how it was handled, and I don’t blame them.

After that, Natalya seemed to pull back to go off to do his own thing in a wormhole somewhere, while the rest of the alliance leadership were more or less nowhere to be found. Activity nosedived, and those of us on the lower end of the ladder were left not knowing what was going on.

Hisec Wars

It’s been an interesting few weeks. Comic Mischief has declared several wars and we roam nearly every day. The activity level in preparation for a new war is pretty intense: mails with intel, lists of targets, their known ships and locations… These guys get excited.

They’re also… Well. Gabe wasn’t kidding when he told me Comic Mischief doesn’t put up with other capsuleers who talk smack or otherwise (in their opinion) disrespect their own.

Case in point: on September 21 we went out on a roam and caught some lone pilot off a gate in Gratesier. He wasn’t a war target but he aggressed our bait and we killed him. I got the final blow. After that I didn’t think much of it. Sure, Jestere had kill rights on me but CM stages out of Odotte, ten jumps away. Given he’d been a random target to start with it didn’t seem that likely we’d run into him again.

Three days ago, Gabe wanted some cap charges moved from Odotte to Cat. I had a Sigil handy to take them, so into the cargo hold they went. I undocked, and the next thing I knew my (unarmed, defenseless) ship had disintegrated into a ball of fire, leaving me sitting at the undock in nothing but my capsule with Jestere’s Hurricane staring me in the face.

Loyalties Affirmed

Thanks to Gabriel Alkest, Devan Corvel, and Saxon Hawke for participating.

Sinq Laison Region – Coriault Constellation – Odotte System

“We’ll be testing fits today,” Natalya said. “Pair up to start. First one to get their partner to twenty-five percent armor wins. Do not proceed further than that, else I’ll fine your whiny asses. Sak, you’re first.”

She nudged her ship, Fire of Sekhmet, into the arena, watching her opponent’s Megathron approaching from the opposite direction. A ring of ships surrounded them, each from Comic Mischief member corporations.

The pilot in the Megathron jettisoned one unit of ammunition. She sent a command to loot his can, bypassing the automated warning that she was about to commit a criminal act.

He flashed red on her overview as he opened fire and she returned the favor, launching drones and pulling her Harbinger in tight, orbiting him at her laser turrets’ optimal range.

It was a close battle, but the Megathron, stationary and not fitted to web her down, slowly found its tank breaking ahead of her own. Eventually, Natalya called it.

“Good work. So here we see the importance of being able to stay moving against targets and how your optimals can work for or against you. The Meg couldn’t track as well with the Harb spinning around it like that, while Sak scored solid hits against the stationary target. Being inside the blaster’s optimal range while still being at her own meant her hits were better, while the ones she received didn’t do as much damage as they could have. With some better drone skills, Sakaane would have easily pulled ahead and beat this battleship. Let’s have a look at that Meg’s fit…”


I received a response to my resignation from the Suresha today. I didn’t think I’d get one, but it says something that he took time out of his busy day to reply to me. He expressed his disappointment that I (and Devan and Eric, who followed two days ago) left without speaking with him about my concerns first.

In his mail he said he didn’t believe me when I said I would return. Other pilots have left and said much the same, and never kept their word.

I feel guilty. He is entirely correct, I could have tried to speak with him. I suppose after my experience with Nailo and given that Gabe never heard back from Suresha Hawke, I assumed there was no point in trying to broach the topic myself. That’s no excuse though. I have felt so torn this year and now I wonder if I have made a bigger mess of things than I intended.


Thanks to Gabriel Alkest and Devan Corvel for participating.

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery
ILF Office

The corporation lounge was empty. Again. Sakaane sighed and let the door close behind her.

“Such a crowd!” she said to the vacant space. “Wherever shall I sit?”

Sinking down onto the nearest cushion, elbow on her knee and chin cupped in her hand, Sakaane accessed her comm link and flipped through various channels, trying to see where everyone was. But, as had become the norm for her in the last few weeks, there was no one to be found. No Mammal, no Bataav, no anyone.

A familiar feeling of frustration washed over her. TGPI all over again. This is ridiculous. I came home to help my homeworld but instead find myself sitting idle. I could have stayed in Bereye and accomplished exactly the same!

Despite the encouraging first impression ILF had made upon her arrival in August, her excitement and hope from being home again for the first time in six years had quickly been crushed, starting with a triple set of losses to other capsuleers—one of which had nothing to do with actual combat but was due entirely to an embarrassing mistake on her part. Tactics and combat down here were so very different to what she was used to in high security space. How many years shooting Serpentis and yet I feel I have learned…nothing.

Immediately after that her new corpmates all seemed to evaporate. This sudden and disturbing lack of activity from the corporation had left Sakaane alone in Intaki. With SCUM and Tuskers running rampant through the area, space was simply too volatile for a single pilot, already feeling inadequate to the task, to venture out into space and do anything but be a target.

First Blood

The corp was patrolling the lowsec systems today while Devan, Eric, and I prepared to make the last leg of the trip from Stacmon to Intaki. Just after we left, the patrol ran into hostiles in Intaki and called for aid.

We joined the gang since we were incoming anyway. When we landed and opened fire on the target, a Lysander Kaldenn and one of his associates, I don’t think I expected anything different to the combat I’ve seen in the past. There were a great deal more of us than them, though we were in smaller ships, but his associate escaped through the gate. The next thing I knew there was a brilliant blue flash and the battle was over. The capsule was allowed to leave the field.

“Who got the kill?” someone asked, and a chorus of “Not me” followed. Then came Eric’s voice: “Sakaane, was it you?”

As I understand now, engagements of this kind don’t quite work the same way as the ones I got into when I was with the naval academy. CONCORD actually tracks capsuleer versus capsuleer fights and maintains extensive records regarding the involved parties, the value of the ships that were lost, and so on.

And as it turned out, in this, my very first engagement with ILF, I was the one who scored the final blow that reduced Lysander’s ship to slag.

I have no idea yet what his crime was, or why ILF engaged. All I know is my new corpmates warmly congratulated me and welcomed me to ILF upon hearing my confirmation that I had indeed scored the killing shot.

What can I say? It feels great to be home.


Yesterday I applied to the Intaki Liberation Front and they accepted! Devan and Eric were accepted too.

Devan paid out the corp assets today and transferred CEO status to Dellan Tarq, a man he hired to hold TGPI in trust. He explained to me he didn’t want to disband the corp completely on the off-chance we desired to return one day, and supposing any of the currently dormant crew turn up, he didn’t want to leave them in the lurch. There’s a reserve in the bank to keep the office in Mormoen paid for some time, and I guess the HQ flag has been moved there for now.

I felt relief when we undocked, me in my Harbinger and Devan and Eric in an Orca each to carry all our stuff. We left behind some ships in our personal hangars, but a good majority of the rest came with us. Finally, we were on our way.

Moving home

Moving home

I haven’t been back to Stacmon since that brief stop years ago after the Serpentis attack. I haven’t been home at all since…YC106? Too long. Much, much too long.


We’ve made slow but steady progress in getting the corp tied down. Who knew there would be so much work involved? I even flew all the way down to Ghesis and then back around through some wayward systems I’ve never heard of to pick up a few residual items that someone (probably Nailo) abandoned after leaving the corp. A lot of it had been impounded and I had to pay to get it back.

Things with Devan progress too I guess. I don’t see him much still but I think it’s just his way of dealing with what happened between us. Nevertheless we’ve made some strides with finding our way back to being friends and I can tell he’s been sorting through all the junk in the corp hangars, because things disappear and the corp wallet balance goes up and up and up.

The most extraordinary thing happened too. The other day Gabriel Alkest popped up literally from nowhere. None of us has seen or heard from Gabe or his brother Ven since they left to go fight with FDU.

I was the only one around at the time. I’d just finished packing up one of the storage rooms in the TGPI office and had sat down for a break when, just suddenly, there he was in the doorway.