In the last month TGPI’s operations reduced to little more than a few discussions hosted on the corporate forum. We’ve debated the merits of trying to maintain the corp the way it is, whether there is anything we can do to revive it, and how willing people are to pitch in… Or whether we should go ahead and dissolve the company and go our separate ways. Everyone who was left after Nailo’s departure seemed to have consensus that something should be done, but no one appears to feel particularly inclined in any one direction or another.

Today we received Abby’s note of resignation. I wasn’t entirely surprised given where he’s been basing out of for so long. In the last month Kruznik has disappeared as well, though he remains registered with TGPI. This leaves just Devan, Eric, and myself.

The stress has taken its toll. Even though it’s been some weeks since Devan moved out I still look for his things out of habit. It’s no one’s fault the relationship ended… Collateral damage from everything else we’ve been dealing with this year. I miss him.

For the most part now I spend my time alone. I take solo jobs from agents to keep myself from thinking about Devan. It doesn’t really work but I do the jobs anyway. Eric follows Devan around like a puppy so I know the two of them must be working together; I see evidence of their activity in the corp wallet and the hangars. Largely my only contact with Devan is whatever messages he may have left for me as we continue, half-heartedly, to consider the future of TGPI.

I think about Intaki a lot.