We’ve made slow but steady progress in getting the corp tied down. Who knew there would be so much work involved? I even flew all the way down to Ghesis and then back around through some wayward systems I’ve never heard of to pick up a few residual items that someone (probably Nailo) abandoned after leaving the corp. A lot of it had been impounded and I had to pay to get it back.

Things with Devan progress too I guess. I don’t see him much still but I think it’s just his way of dealing with what happened between us. Nevertheless we’ve made some strides with finding our way back to being friends and I can tell he’s been sorting through all the junk in the corp hangars, because things disappear and the corp wallet balance goes up and up and up.

The most extraordinary thing happened too. The other day Gabriel Alkest popped up literally from nowhere. None of us has seen or heard from Gabe or his brother Ven since they left to go fight with FDU.

I was the only one around at the time. I’d just finished packing up one of the storage rooms in the TGPI office and had sat down for a break when, just suddenly, there he was in the doorway.