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Monthly archives: October, 2010


I have come back to the Intaki Liberation Front!

It was not entirely at my convenience, but I’m not sad it happened when it did. I had expected to stay with Tantalus and CM a bit longer, but when the universe so obviously says otherwise, what is one to do but smile and nod and just do it?

The war against Silent Overwatch was going nowhere so it was withdrawn. Fine by me. Almost immediately after that, Comic Mischief seemed to implode. I’m not clear on all the details, but Natalya wanted us to go down to Amarr space and hop into ops with a group of blue pilots from outside the alliance. I was stationside for the first one but Gabe and the others were there. Something went wrong and most of our ships were destroyed. The guys were pretty upset about how it was handled, and I don’t blame them.

After that, Natalya seemed to pull back to go off to do his own thing in a wormhole somewhere, while the rest of the alliance leadership were more or less nowhere to be found. Activity nosedived, and those of us on the lower end of the ladder were left not knowing what was going on.

Hisec Wars

It’s been an interesting few weeks. Comic Mischief has declared several wars and we roam nearly every day. The activity level in preparation for a new war is pretty intense: mails with intel, lists of targets, their known ships and locations… These guys get excited.

They’re also… Well. Gabe wasn’t kidding when he told me Comic Mischief doesn’t put up with other capsuleers who talk smack or otherwise (in their opinion) disrespect their own.

Case in point: on September 21 we went out on a roam and caught some lone pilot off a gate in Gratesier. He wasn’t a war target but he aggressed our bait and we killed him. I got the final blow. After that I didn’t think much of it. Sure, Jestere had kill rights on me but CM stages out of Odotte, ten jumps away. Given he’d been a random target to start with it didn’t seem that likely we’d run into him again.

Three days ago, Gabe wanted some cap charges moved from Odotte to Cat. I had a Sigil handy to take them, so into the cargo hold they went. I undocked, and the next thing I knew my (unarmed, defenseless) ship had disintegrated into a ball of fire, leaving me sitting at the undock in nothing but my capsule with Jestere’s Hurricane staring me in the face.