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Yearly archives: 2011

Anniversary Reflections

I attended ILF’s fifth anniversary celebration tonight at the Intaki Cultural Center. There were quite a lot of people there which was very satisfying to see. The security arrangements Bataav and I tended to seemed more than adequate and I’m relieved there were no problems. We had excellent weather too!

The speech the Suresha gave was not what I expected. He actually spent very little—almost no—time talking about ILF’s five years, and I wonder how many in attendance were disappointed about that. As one of the corporation’s newer faces I would have liked to have heard about ILF’s beginnings, milestones…a story about a favorite memory or a particular achievement which specifically highlights our cause. Some will say he hijacked the anniversary specifically to make a political statement rather than simply enjoying the occasion and being thankful for the successes everyone has contributed to.

The Anniversary

Thanks to Corelous Alterrian, Bataav, Saxon Hawke, and Jyotmimana Karana for their written material. The original posts are here.

Placid Region – Viriette Constellation – Intaki Prime
Intaki Cultural Center

Sakaane was partway through her round of the cultural center when she paused to step outside, wandering down a short flight of steps leading into the garden. The afternoon sun was warm and bright; she shielded her eyes to scan the green space and admire the elaborate decorations woven in amongst the myriad ferns and other flora the center’s grounds had to offer. The banner had been strung up and the acolytes were moving on to other tasks.

A gentle breeze ruffled her loose hair and the delicate velvet petals of the blossom pinned in it at her right ear, and brought with it the natural perfume of the thousands of flowers before her. She inhaled deeply, holding in the scent of her homeworld for a while before letting it out.

Beautiful, she thought. But, she also scanned the garden for other things, things which would not be quite so beautiful if they were there. Her hand wandered absently to her hip, reassuring her mind with a touch that her pistol was still holstered there. But all was quiet and peaceful in the garden. As it should be.

A Dream – ILF Anniversary

ILF’s fifth anniversary is coming up and preparations are underway for a celebration at the Intaki Cultural Center on the surface. It’s my first time attending a large-scale ILF event, and my first public appearance as Isha-Sainika. I’m handling some of the security arrangements with Bataav but otherwise have very little to do with it. Nevertheless, for some reason I seem to be anxious…

Yesterday just before I turned in for the night I had a short exchange with John Revenent via the local comms. I’ve not had much prior interaction with John and honestly wasn’t terribly certain how to approach him, but went ahead and mentioned ILF’s birthday anyway. I asked if he might like to send regards to the Suresha next week to note the occasion if it wasn’t too much trouble. He didn’t reply so I just assumed he was busy tending to other matters, and eventually I closed comms and went to bed.

I dreamed. The dream was…bizarre.

Happy Birthday

Today was Bataav’s birthday so I got him something nice…

The Kiss

The Kiss

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Isha-Sainika – Speech

In the wee hours of the morning yesterday, I was promoted. It all happened very fast and I’m still reeling from it. I hope to do a good job.

The Suresha asked me to write a speech for the forum. I think I will post this:

Since late last night I have been contemplating what I would say here. Close to twenty-four hours later I’m still finding it difficult to overcome the sense of speechlessness.

I am overwhelmed and deeply honored to take over the role of Isha-Sainika from Mammal. I believe he has been an excellent leader and role model for us all. His many achievements and contributions to the ILF and the Intaki community as a whole are testament to his integrity and dedication. I have not known him to ever be reluctant to offer kind words of encouragement to anyone who might need them. He gives freely of his knowledge of ship types and fittings to improve survivability of our fleets. He champions the ILF both as a combat pilot and a diplomat and has earned the trust, respect, and friendship of so many. The best thing is none of these attributes are tied to the title, but rather solely to the man.

I can never replace Mammal, nor would I try. Although he has chosen to step down from this role, I’m confident we will not lose what we haven been fortunate to receive from him, and I look forward to his further contributions.

I have been asked what direction I have in mind for the Sainika Divisions. Briefly: As my taking on this role coincides closely with our Suresha’s return, I believe now is a good opportunity for reevaluation. I would first like to see more specifically what changes the Suresha has in mind for the ILF, as any new direction in general corporation focus will of course influence our combat operations.

Some time ago there were discussions about creating standing orders for Aditipala; I would like to revisit this topic for the Sainika Divisions in general. I would like to engage Karna pilots more, both for Aditipala support and for themselves. I would like to spend some time focusing on us, within ILF, to improve our existing sense of team and identity. We are already awesome; let’s get more awesome!

But now being an opportunity for change or reevaluation is not exclusive to me. Please know I am willing to listen to your ideas and feedback, and encourage you to provide it.

I am humbled by the comments I have received regarding this promotion. Thank you all for your support and faith in me!


Thanks to Anais Castells, Bataav, and Saxon Hawke for participating.

Essence Region – Crux Constellation – Mies System

Camera drones trailed the last wreck as it sped along, caught up in the green glow of the tractor beam. Once in range, salvagers went to work on it, and finally, sensors reported retrieval of the hull’s remaining useful components. The salvagers automatically deactivated, followed a moment later by the tractor beam.

For a few minutes Sakaane watched the wreck as it slowly drifted away from her ship, wondering who the crew had been, how many of them had escaped death today, and whether they’d chosen or been forced into a life of servitude for the Serpentis.

Eighty ships, all of them now like this one.

She set course to return to the agent, relieved to leave the battlefield behind.

The scene was one she’d often seen in recent weeks. Suresha Hawke had gone on sabbatical at the end of August and since then the corp had been subdued, with many pilots keeping mainly to themselves. Noting a lack of suitable agents in the area, Sakaane had taken the opportunity to return to empire space to pick up odd jobs here and there. All but a few tasked her with the destruction of Serpentis assets.

Not that giving the pirates a bloody nose had lost its appeal. There was still much to be done to eliminate the drug-loving criminals from New Eden and Sakaane eagerly looked forward to that day. But lately dismay had crept in, ringing as a discordant undertone in each explosion she caused. Surely, with wave after wave of Core Barons, Corelatis Platoon Leaders and the like disintegrating under the heat of her turrets, they’d wise up and pull back, pack up and leave the area, if for no other reason than to simply stymie the flood of losses she wrought upon them. But no. The Serpentis forces seemed limitless and all too willing to be sacrificed.

In the Silence

It’s been a month since ILF was wardec’d. The Suresha has taken a leave of absence and since then…life has been quiet.

Perhaps we’re all in something of a state of contemplation. The corp feels subdued, almost as if someone has died. Or maybe it’s just me. The “public relations storm” that Levi mentioned in his article hits a bit close to home. I know I contributed to it, both with my interactions on IGS and by advocating for ILF to review its position regarding the militias. I wasn’t the only voice that did…but nevertheless I still feel some responsibility.

I decided to return to my old stomping grounds in Everyshore and have been picking up work from the agents around here simply for something to do, as the subdued atmosphere in the corp seems to have put a damper on our activities in Intaki. Even Mammal seems to be away lot more recently and many of the rest are likewise out of touch too.

I’m sure this lull won’t last…

A Good Day

My relationship with Bataav has been growing ever stronger since the holoreel convention. Today, he asked me to share his quarters with him in the Astral V-5 station!

Given the high tensions that have been running through the corp and Intaki as of late due to the militias (who continue to make a nuisance of themselves), it was really quite nice to have something to smile about. I spent the day getting ready to move in, shifted around some assets, and then, while we relaxed together after dinner, Bataav and I hopped into FreeIntaki together and enjoyed chatting briefly with Jyotmimana.

It’s nice that today has been a good day. A very good day.

Transcript follows.

ILF Wars

In the last two weeks ILF fought two wars. If they can be called wars…

It started about a month ago when one of our industrial pilots was attacked by a member of the Caldari militia. She’d been mining peacefully in deep space; the aggressor scanned her down and engaged without provocation.

Mammal demanded reparations but despite Damar’s insistence that Super Chair’s actions were not sanctioned, Hell’s Revenge refused to pay and called us out as valid targets as long as we continue to assist I-RED. They refused to negotiate blue standings with us and indicated they would advocate against us with the other militia corps.

Following that, the Suresha made a statement on IGS while the corp began to discuss our position and handling of militia corporations.

I pushed for a full review. It’s true that ILF has negotiated blue standings with many of the local militia entities but neither side has any claim to Intaki space. They should only go where they are invited. And while it’s admirable to strive for non-hostile relations with the militias, blue standings are only worthwhile insofar as the militias (or any other group, really) which are granted them also respect what they mean and uphold their end of the bargain. If they only pay us lip service because it’s easy to click a button within their friend/foe registry, and then otherwise continue on as before by disrupting our space and even occasionally shooting down our pilots, the blue standing has done nothing for us except make us their floor mat, since of course we don’t shoot blues.