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Monthly archives: January, 2011

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Ah, sweet revenge, how I love your delicate flavor.

I regularly make patrols of the Intaki belts. Serpentis are often found in them apparently lying in wait to harass miners, and I’m happy to use the pirates for target practice. By the time I arrived at VII B2 I’d had several engagements and my ship’s armor was down by thirty percent.

I’d just cleared the belt and was preparing to warp back to station to repair when Thingymawotzit of KWFL jumped in system. By chance or by design, he warped into the belt about thirty klicks from me just as I was getting aligned and up to speed. My trajectory brought me toward him, and his MWD ensured the gap closed so he could get his scram on me.

Thingymawotzit was in the gang that blew me up at the POS on Friday night so I was determined to get him once he forced the battle. He launched drones, I launched drones, and it was on.

The battle was very close… Bataav attempted to come to my rescue but in the heat of the moment I slipped up and provided incorrect coordinates. I think if I hadn’t overloaded my guns it’s possible Thingymawotzit could have taken me out considering the advantage he had due to my ship’s preexisting damage. I had only five percent armor left when he popped.

When I reported the engagement later I was told I’d just downed KWFL’s best pilot. This was my first solo kill.


Defense of Prosperity Station

I’m laughing. POD never showed. Well, not until much later, after I-RED departed, and even then only Lodik smacked ineffectively in Local.

The defense today had over one hundred pilots in Intaki when Prosperity Station’s reinforcement timer ended. I’ve never seen it that crowded. There were twenty of us from the corp out there working on the POS, and sixty altogether in the ILF/I-RED fleet to defend the station.

Certain portions of both the Gallente and Caldari militias were present too. Interesting to see them both flying side by side us and each other all in defense of our station against pirate scum, although as the minutes ticked by the militias understandably grew uneasy. FDU in particular degenerated into their own smack of the State rather than actually doing much to help us. I suppose it’s the thought that counts but then…I wonder how much thought they had?

Payment on Demand

I went to visit Mom for a few days. She’s doing well enough despite there being no change in her disposition. It’s very frustrating and disheartening. She did, at least, consent to a walk through the garden with me. She gets tired so easily though so it wasn’t long before we were back inside. I hope one day she’ll…come back to herself.

When I returned to space it was to poor news. Early on the 24th, before I left for home, pilots flying for the Payment on Demand alliance were in system bashing a tower owned by Docs Ruff Riders, and they’d verbally threatened Prosperity Station some hours before that.

Yesterday morning they returned and attacked the POS. It took them about two hours but they put it into reinforced. I’m told Lodik was among them. I suppose he needed to accomplish his balls again?…

Wins and Losses

We went out on a roam late last night.

It started when Sanya reported Lodik alone in system in a Vagabond. He engaged Jezebel at a belt and a number of us (myself, Odin, Sanya, Syyl’ara, Titania), warped in. Lodik disengaged and warped off as we landed. I pursued and found him at the sun, and he ran again.

For the duration of his GCC (and then some) Lodik talked smack in Local, joined by RomulusXI. Sanya formed a fleet, and a couple of other pilots joined us.

We made a few attempts to locate Lodik. He failed to engage Odin at a belt, but later engaged Sanya at a planet. Unfortunately he was able to evade us and eventually left system. At least we had no losses from these engagements.

Most memorable smack quote:

lodik > i accomnplished my balls and my ship which should of died

It’s Getting Crowded

Lately there’s been a lot of militia movement in Intaki, too much for my comfort. Since joining ILF I’ve based out of Astral, where HQ is located. But given the rising aggression I decided to move to a different station in case Astral gets camped. No good if we’re all bottled up in the same place.

I raised some concerns to the corp recently regarding the militias and our ROE. Some of the mandates in the ROE make no sense to me and it’s still difficult, almost impossible, to operate effectively in Intaki with all these hostile pilots about when so few of our pilots are actually around.

I’m reminded once again of how things were in TGPI, except this time there are other active pilots…they’re just scattered.

I’m at the bottom of the ladder in ILF yet I was still welcomed to contribute my opinion and it was considered fairly along with opinions of other pilots. Even if leadership doesn’t accept any of my recommendations, it’s still very refreshing to participate in a well-handled, thoughtful discussion with peers who actually give a damn about how the corp itself functions and how we can all work together to make it better.

Now if we can just do something about these militia hooligans…

A New Me

I’ve been home now for a few months. I feel I’ve settled in to ILF and am content. My attention has returned to my original goals: routing out the Serpentis and improving life here for everyone. ILF’s platform of secession appeals to me nicely. I think Njal would approve.

I’m not sure exactly what made me think of it, but I went out for a walk in the station and found myself at a salon. It was a small place, but clean, and the staff drones had been programmed well enough. Once I was sat down, I was asked what I wanted. At first I couldn’t answer, just stared at my reflection in the mirror. Perhaps it was just some unconscious desire to put the last few years behind me that drove me there, a desire to finally slough off any lingering upset and turmoil. With ILF I finally have a home and a purpose beyond the basic revenge I sought when I left Intaki so long ago. I can move ahead.

In the end, I pulled the pin out of my hair and took off the headdress I’ve worn nearly every day of my adult life. The fan of hair fell flat around my shoulders and I was actually surprised to really notice for the first time how long it’s become. In the end I asked only for a trim to neaten up the ends, and spent the time reprogramming the pin. The fan style is still in there, but for now I think it’s time for something…different.