Today, everyone who participated in the defense of Prosperity Station was decorated by the Suresha with an award for Meritorious Service. It’s lovely to be recognized even if we were only doing what I feel is our job anyway. For me, the gesture was all the more special because it’s my birthday.

Bataav made a gesture of his own… Though he was out and about in space somewhere taking care of his Karna duties, as soon as I walked into the corporation lounge I was greeted with his warm, smooth voice over corporation-wide comms singing Obdantun Jawnataatheti to me, with everyone listening! Apparently I turned red as the sun but it was a wonderful kind of embarrassment.

I was hoping to have dinner with friends but unfortunately they were occupied or simply not around. Devan, too, has continued to be elusive—I rarely see him in any capacity these days. I thought I was going to have to spend my birthday alone, but Bataav saved the day: although he couldn’t join me directly, he kept a channel open with me and we talked until late into the night. We speak often and at length, but this time it felt different…

I have yet to meet him in person. I think this needs to change. We’re both planning on attending the Impetus Holoreel Convention next month, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him out of his pod before then if our schedules ever matched up.