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Monthly archives: April, 2011


You win some, you lose some…

…and sometimes you fall flat on your face. Like this!

Last night I was out in Intaki scouting around in my (cloaked) Purifier. At some point Bataav decided to take his Myrm out and sit about 200km above Astral 5-5. We were watching for a couple of neutrals flying a Typhoon and a Scorp.

While up there, Strider Hiryu from KWFL landed on the station in a Hurricane on the side opposite the undock and sat there. After a while the Typhoon and the Scorp landed on the undock. No real activity for a bit until Strider docked up and then immediately undocked into the other two but we couldn’t tell what was going on so I warped down to 100km to get a better view.

Strider was bumping the Scorp and the two neuts eventually just warped off, leaving Bataav alone above the station, still at 200km or so.

I knew, I knew, at this point I should have returned to FedMart to nab my Harb, but, no, I ignored my gut and stayed put in the Purifier. This, most definitely, was my first mistake. Must learn to trust my instincts…

Bataav signalled me on comms: “Ok I’m next then,” and not a moment later, Strider pounced. I turned around to warp back up to him, but…

Mistake number two. Neither of us was watching Local. By the time I got back up there, Freshman2, also of KWFL, had warped in on Bataav in a Rapier.


I participated in a joint I-RED and ILF fleet op last night. It turned out to be the largest capsuleer fleet I’ve been in to date; eight of us plus lots of I-RED and a few others for a group of twenty in all. Alas, there was no joy as we patrolled, which I suppose is good in that the systems were not crawling with undesirables. I-RED took us into nullsec and we didn’t find any targets there either.

A surprise was waiting for us when we arrived in Vlillirier and Alsavoinon: a forty-plus ship fleet fielded by Wildly Inappropriate on both sides of the gate:

FreeIntaki Debate

For nearly a year now I’ve monitored the ILF’s public channel, FreeIntaki. Its intent is to be a freely-accessible comms stream for those of us in space to “discuss the security and politics of the Intaki system” on the fly. But often (at least when I’m actively paying attention) the channel is quiet or used for neutrals and blues to send greetings to one another.

Occasionally, however, the channel erupts into debate. In the past I have usually stayed quiet, feeling back then that my own opinion was not yet properly formed or that I would have little to contribute.

In the months since joining (and rejoining) ILF I’ve gathered a lot of experience here. I’ve spoken with my fellow pilots, I’ve listened to the Suresha and others, I’ve co-operated with our blues. I’ve killed a lot of pirates, mainly Serpentis (and always there are more of them, like a never-ending blight). I’ve been killed myself. I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the difficulties Intaki suffers from.

Today in FreeIntaki there was a debate regarding Intaki, and independence, and the role or value of the Federation. At the time it simply felt natural to weigh in as I did. But now, looking back at it, I’m actually finding myself somewhat surprised I had that much to say. When did I become so political?

I liked it.

Transcript follows.

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