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Monthly archives: June, 2011

War In Intaki

For lack of much else to do in my downtime I’ve started poking into the Intergalactic Summit. Bataav, Mammal, and the Suresha seem to spend a lot of time there promoting ILF’s cause and recently it was commented by someone how it would be nice to have more voices from the corp lending support. To date I’ve not had many occasions to really look for myself. Most of the time I’ve been too busy, and IGS tends to move quickly.

Today, though, I took notice of this post by Seriphyn Inhonores.

I’ve met him only once, just recently. I happened to be back up at Astral to tend to a few things and, as always, was monitoring FreeIntaki at the same time. He was monitoring too. Other people have spoken of him from time to time of course, so I wasn’t completely oblivious to his identity. And there he was, the “great” Seriphyn Inhonores, in all his glory:


I’m still at home. In the evenings, exhausted, I get on comms with Bataav for a while. He tells me about what the corp has been up to. In the last week the alliance declared war on a group called Risen Angels over a bombing and other violent acts against an ally, Federal Robotics. As I understand it, the war has been mostly verbal sparring and not much else, although Bataav did relate what sounded like a rather exciting chase of a target Nightmare through hisec.

The war was retracted today, as Risen Angels itself seems to have broken down due to its CEO deciding to move in a different direction. This effectively ends hostilities between all the involved groups.

I feel like I’m waging a war of my own. Bataav is patient and listens to my frustrations. Then before I know it, he’s slipped the topic of conversation in a new direction and has me smiling and laughing. When I talk to him I can forget, just for a little while, why I’m here. I wish he was with me, and he keeps offering to come down. But I know he’s had a lot to take care of in the last few weeks because of the war and other than keeping me company there’d be nothing for him to do here, so I tell him to stay.

Mom’s condition is still quite poor. When Aranza sent her to the hospital she was near death. I’d like to believe the worst of it is over, as I was allowed to bring her home again. The doctors told me to get her outside more so today I asked if she might want to go for a walk in the forest. Although she didn’t resist, she obviously had no desire to go: she fell limp like a ragdoll while Aranza and I tried to get her into her chair.