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Monthly archives: July, 2011

Jyotmimana Karana

Following all the fun on IGS, I’ve spent the last week or so split between home and station. Mom is doing much better but I still feel I need more time with her just to make sure. The somewhat cooler weather has helped a lot and she’s taken up her gardening again. It’s nice to see her strong enough to get out of bed and walk under her own power. We often wander out into the forest together now, though she can’t venture as far or for as long as she once did. Every step is something though.

When I’m stationside I try to keep up with corp activities and other tasks. I patrol Intaki when I can. Mostly I sit and talk with people or spend time with Bataav. It’s unnerving to feel so out of the loop and out of sync with everyone else.

But today, while monitoring FreeIntaki, I had the opportunity to speak for the first time with Jyotmimana Karana. He’s an ILF alumni and, I suppose, something of a rival to the Suresha. I’ve heard his name spoken often around the proverbial corporation water cooler, and not always favorably, though almost always with respect. I understand he has some radical opinions about Intaki and he’s quite passionate about preserving our culture, religion, and traditions. Apparently he is a dedicated follower of Ida and Reborn many times. I admit I’ve been curious about him.

After just one conversation I can hardly say I know the man well enough to form an opinion but he seemed reasonable enough even if I didn’t quite agree with everything he said. But I did agree with him quite a bit.

Transcript follows.

War In Intaki – End Discussion

After a few last rounds, and jabs, and general tom foolery, the discussion about War In Intaki seems to have exhausted itself.

Alain Octirant, Diana Kim, and I had more to say to each other:

Intaki Occupation

I noticed today Seriphyn Inhonores had started yet another debate about Intaki on the IGS.

After a few days of other posts, it turns out there is some crossover between this discussion and that of his War In Intaki thread, with the same Caldari zealots carrying on as before. Diana Kim, especially, made it too easy for me to comment:

War In Intaki – Goes On

The War In Intaki discussion has moved along. Many people are taking part and a great deal of opinions have been contributed.

Whether out of a need to release stress and frustration or simply because I really do feel this strongly about the topic, I’ve continued to speak my mind, and have actually enjoyed a great deal of it, too.

For me, the ball started rolling a few days ago