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Monthly archives: December, 2011

Anniversary Reflections

I attended ILF’s fifth anniversary celebration tonight at the Intaki Cultural Center. There were quite a lot of people there which was very satisfying to see. The security arrangements Bataav and I tended to seemed more than adequate and I’m relieved there were no problems. We had excellent weather too!

The speech the Suresha gave was not what I expected. He actually spent very little—almost no—time talking about ILF’s five years, and I wonder how many in attendance were disappointed about that. As one of the corporation’s newer faces I would have liked to have heard about ILF’s beginnings, milestones…a story about a favorite memory or a particular achievement which specifically highlights our cause. Some will say he hijacked the anniversary specifically to make a political statement rather than simply enjoying the occasion and being thankful for the successes everyone has contributed to.

The Anniversary

Thanks to Corelous Alterrian, Bataav, Saxon Hawke, and Jyotmimana Karana for their written material. The original posts are here.

Placid Region – Viriette Constellation – Intaki Prime
Intaki Cultural Center

Sakaane was partway through her round of the cultural center when she paused to step outside, wandering down a short flight of steps leading into the garden. The afternoon sun was warm and bright; she shielded her eyes to scan the green space and admire the elaborate decorations woven in amongst the myriad ferns and other flora the center’s grounds had to offer. The banner had been strung up and the acolytes were moving on to other tasks.

A gentle breeze ruffled her loose hair and the delicate velvet petals of the blossom pinned in it at her right ear, and brought with it the natural perfume of the thousands of flowers before her. She inhaled deeply, holding in the scent of her homeworld for a while before letting it out.

Beautiful, she thought. But, she also scanned the garden for other things, things which would not be quite so beautiful if they were there. Her hand wandered absently to her hip, reassuring her mind with a touch that her pistol was still holstered there. But all was quiet and peaceful in the garden. As it should be.

A Dream – ILF Anniversary

ILF’s fifth anniversary is coming up and preparations are underway for a celebration at the Intaki Cultural Center on the surface. It’s my first time attending a large-scale ILF event, and my first public appearance as Isha-Sainika. I’m handling some of the security arrangements with Bataav but otherwise have very little to do with it. Nevertheless, for some reason I seem to be anxious…

Yesterday just before I turned in for the night I had a short exchange with John Revenent via the local comms. I’ve not had much prior interaction with John and honestly wasn’t terribly certain how to approach him, but went ahead and mentioned ILF’s birthday anyway. I asked if he might like to send regards to the Suresha next week to note the occasion if it wasn’t too much trouble. He didn’t reply so I just assumed he was busy tending to other matters, and eventually I closed comms and went to bed.

I dreamed. The dream was…bizarre.