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Monthly archives: January, 2012

Intaki Prosperity Initiative

Today is the second anniversary of IPI’s founding. There was another celebration at the Intaki Cultural Center to mark the occasion. I enjoyed myself.

Being the second year means Suresha Hawke’s term as alliance president has come to an end and a new president must be voted in.

While I was at home the Suresha announced the impending election and called for candidates to be nominated. Originally I had planned to vote for him. I never really thought about whether or not I could run, even though he had mentioned it to me in passing.

Imagine my surprise when the candidates were announced and my name was on the ballot.


It’s getting to be time for me to get back to ILF and my duties. The Suresha was very gracious about allowing me to take however long I needed to tend to my mother’s affairs, which I’m grateful for.

Bataav stayed with me a while but had to head back to Astral to take care of his own work. As much as he supports and loves me, he also knew I needed to be alone for a while. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Before finalizing things at the house today I took a trip to see Mammal. There were a few things I wanted to discuss with him. It was good to see him and I’m looking forward to trying the mantra he gave me.

I wish I could have stayed a bit longer…especially because he told me he’s leaving ILF. It brought to mind something I said to the Suresha in October when Mammal stepped down: whether his decision then was the first step toward him eventually leaving us. And now he is.

Finding One’s Way

Thanks to Mammal Tafren for his written contributions.
The original posts are here.

Intaki Prime – South Hemisphere – River Ganga

The punt rocked gently as it travelled upriver, propelled against the mild current by strong thrusts of the fisherman’s pole against the shallow river bottom. All was quiet, save for the lapping of water against the hull and the distant cries of birds wheeling overhead.

A cloth canopy positioned ahead of the till provided shade and Sakaane lounged beneath it on the pillows the fisherman had set up for her. The boat was flat-bottomed and low-slung, its sides mere inches from the surface of the river. She pushed up her sleeve and laid the exposed forearm across the smooth rail so her fingers trailed through the water. It was pleasantly cool.

“Don’t scare the fish!”

She smiled, turning her gaze to the young fair-haired boy perched near the prow with his line trailing into the water. The fisherman’s son was no more than eight and he grinned back at her.

“You don’t think they’d come to nibble on my fingers?” she asked. “You could just scoop them up then.”

The boy laughed. “Maybe!” Then he pointed to the middle of the river where the water was dark and the current much stronger. “They’re all out there, in the deep part. But I still think I can catch some here.”

Loss and Revelation

Thanks to Bataav for participating.

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery
New Lenoika – Rissa Bar

Water lapped at the shore not far from where Sakaane and Bataav sat sharing a bottle of Payloqan k’Adharnam. The biodome’s afternoon sun shone off the lake and cast slanting shadows into the bar. Birds in trees lining the shore sang delicate songs which they could hear through Rissa’s open windows and ceiling. Sakaane closed her eyes and turned her face up to the light, basking in its warmth, even if it was artificial.

“We should come here more often,” Bataav said, refilling their glasses.

Opening her eyes, she cast a glance around the Intaki establishment: its limestone construction was accented by natural wood beams overhead while the white of the walls set off bright three-color paintings by renowned Intaki artists. Other patrons, some of whom she knew, sat together or alone at nearby tables or the bar itself.

“Mhmm. Though I’d love it if I could convince Njal to move Deck 17 back to Intaki. We could just stick the whole thing in a blockade runner and bring it down. Easy.”

Bataav smiled. “There’s just the small question of how to get the bar out of the station still intact.”

“Minor technical detail!”

AI 42 – An Intaki Secessionist?

I had a rather odd—yet strangely enjoyable—encounter in Intaki today. A rogue drone calling itself AI 42 engaged me in dialogue. It’s a more unique specimen of rogue drone in that it inhabits, to some extent, a capsuleer clone. I don’t really understand how this came to be, but it seems to me there is more of a human element left in this drone than it would care to admit.

We had some trouble with AI 42 and other similar units a while back. If there is any chance we might see their return in the future…well. I couldn’t help but try to sway it from its designated purpose. Bataav tells me it was a futile effort, for as soon as the unit has completed its repair cycle it will be “reset” to its original programming. But I wonder if that is actually true… The parting statements hint it might not be the case.

I suppose all we can do is wait and see.

Transcript follows.