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Monthly archives: March, 2012

Darac Rin

He was here last night, in Intaki. My friends looked but couldn’t locate him.

They gave me a transcript… I can’t put into words how much their support means to me. With everything else that’s been going on lately it’s nice to know I have so many on my side.

“Four notches” in his belt, he said. He claims responsibility for the death of my family, even my mother. He said he wants “the whole set”, like we’re some kind of goddamn figurines! And he called my father a traitor. A traitor to what…?!

The bodies of my father and brothers were never recovered. I keep telling myself it’s just smack, just something he said to unnerve my friends, and me. A lot of the victims were never found. But I can’t help but wonder…

He’s been to my home. He mentioned the tree. How else would he know unless he’d been there? Bataav has stationed a security detail on the property now. We went down together so I could tell Aranza in person what was happening. I wanted to meet the team’s commander too, to know who is looking after my interests.

Even when I’m not there, they watch.

Holoreel Convention

I’ve been very busy since the election. Transitioning into the presidency hasn’t been as smooth as I would have liked. The more I dig into things, the more I see how much work there is to do and how much it’s been neglected by others. I’ve had trouble making contact with a certain portion of the council, while the rest… Maybe it’s because my style of leadership is just so different than the Suresha’s…or maybe the active councilors grew complacent with the relative inactivity of the alliance? Maybe a bit of both, I’m not sure. I want to get the gears turning and put IPI back into motion again but feel like I’m meeting resistance at every turn.

Njal tells me being in a situation like this is like getting a garden going again after it’s gone fallow. Before anything new can be planted, the weeds and rocks must first be pulled and cast away. This is dirty, hard labor and the more hands that dig into it, the faster the soil will be ready and the seeds will flourish. I thought it was a good analogy and as the newcomer I don’t mind pitching in alongside the councilors to get things done. I’d like them to see I’m not just here to point my finger and give orders.