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Monthly archives: June, 2012

On Music and Meddling

A good conversation erupted in FreeIntaki today.

This was my first opportunity to speak to Bastian Valoron since that mail from James Syagrius arrived earlier this week. I was pleased he inquired about the Intaki Cultural Center and seemed to have an interest in learning more about our people.

It was nice to talk about the artistic part of my past without it feeling like “a big deal” for once. That I could use my music and that of others as an example of the Federation’s cultural oppression was quite interesting to me. It’s not something I planned on but the timing worked out well, as it was still on my mind from that lengthy meeting I had with Suresha Hawke at the beginning of the month.

The conversation was enjoyable. It was nice to have more voices chiming in with support, rather than feeling like being on the back foot from all sides as tends to be the norm. It was too bad I had to cut the discussion short when I did, as I would have liked to explore the topic a bit more. I wonder what thoughts the Chancellor took away from the conversation.

It almost made me wonder if I could try picking up my instruments…or even the microphone…again. Maybe one day soon? Somehow I don’t think so… But then, the way things have been going, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Transcript follows.

Visual Omens

An unassuming man, nondescript in every way, delivered a package today. He was the kind of man you hire when you want to courier something and not have it noticed.

The package was an envelope. It bore no address, no sender’s details, no markings of any kind. I was working in my office at the Astral station when the courier was ushered in. He simply handed it to me with a quiet, “For you,” and departed. He did not ask my name, did not make me sign for it.

Which I wonder about now, as I have no idea why he brought the envelope to me at all. It contained nothing more than a large print photograph—of what I’m not really sure, as the image is out of focus to the point its details are more or less obliterated. But it seems to be an outdoor shot, as there is sky across the top and varying blobs of green (trees and grass I think) in the middle and foreground.

The curious bit is the pale, irregular blob on the right in the middle ground. Despite the blur, the angles of this blob are too proper to be anything other than a man-made…something. But what?

I considered whether the courier delivered the photo to the wrong person. I wasn’t expecting it and to my mind it serves no purpose, so only someone who actually had need of it must want it. But I couldn’t find the courier and no one I asked could recall seeing him.

I’ve set it aside for now, on the off-chance the courier returns to take it to the person it was probably actually meant for.

Federal Consensus Outreach

An unexpected message crossed my desk today. It seems James Syagrius and his group have taken a sudden interest in Intaki.

The mail had a positive, friendly voice, and the man seems approachable, but my gut tells me to be wary. The timing is incredibly suspicious, given the public incident just some days ago between FCO’s Chancellor and I-RED. This Basitan Valoron‘s attitude and comments toward I-RED and all our efforts in Intaki left much to be desired and scored no points at all with me.

Indeed, even Mr Syagrius’s comments later on in that debate give me reason to pause. If he feels such about I-RED, why would he willingly wish to associate with IPI, who values I-RED as an ally? A saving grace, at least, is that he didn’t descend to the same level as his leader.

I can only presume that FCO and RECLT’s sudden interest in Intaki is linked directly to their claims about I-RED, in the hope of finding more “evidence” with which to supposedly discredit our ally.

I can’t stop them from entering the system, nor would I try. But with this kind of first impression, they have a great deal to prove to me before I will welcome them with open arms.


Bataav told me today that, for some months now, he’s had an operative working to infiltrate the Serpentis cells in the Intaki area. He feels that Darac Rin must be based somewhere in Viriette, especially after the incident in May and Darac’s apparent past familiarity with my father.

Things between us have been a bit better since he showed up at the house last month. I can tell he’s trying to make some gestures of trust, as this matter about the operative shows. It’s a start…

There hasn’t been much word, and for good reason. It takes a great deal of care to get in with the right people in the first place. I suppose it isn’t helped that we’ve learned Darac is something of a black sheep among the Serpentis. Bataav tells me this has made the operative’s job easier to some extent; being on the fringes of the group means the operative doesn’t have to fake the loyalty as much. But it also has made Darac harder to find.

The operative has made it in with the Serpentis, but he still has some ways to go to get close to Darac. He can’t just show up on the guy’s door and ask to tag along, after all. He’ll have to earn that black sheep rep himself. If he moves too fast, it’ll probably tip them all off. But move too slowly…

We have no way of knowing when Darac might try to strike again.

Looking Ahead

Last month, I wrote I wanted more control over what happens to me. I hoped that spending a month planetside to rest and recuperate from the strains of everything that’s happened in the last few months would put me in a place, or even just a mindset, where I could achieve just that.

Today I returned to my duties. Right off the bat I was called to a meeting with the Suresha and Layla, ostensibly to discuss the troubles that have plagued us since I became president. I didn’t like that the meeting took place in public; this was an internal matter and we should have tried to resolve it between us rather than with an audience. But I had no control over that.

In the end, I’m not sure if we resolved anything anyway. We certainly didn’t actually talk about what had brought us there in the first place, though for my part it seemed Layla and I got along better this time around than any time before. I hope her new business model produces results, both for my peace of mind and just as something IRAG and the alliance can put down as a mark of success in general. I want to be able to get along with her. I have better and more important things to do than constantly fight with her.

Common Ground

Thanks to Saxon Hawke and Layla Saitana for their written contributions.
The original posts are here.

Stacmon V – Moon 9 – Federation Navy Assembly Plant

Sakaane walked into the station lounge and paused to survey the room, noting pilots grouped here and there at tables. Their conversations were hushed, spoken to one another from behind glasses held up near their mouths, their shoulders hunched toward one another as if afraid of being overheard. As she watched, more than a few repeatedly made glances in the direction of a certain table. Some of them sniggered while others had lingering expressions of mortification on their faces.

My grandmother would have said we are hanging out the dirty wash for all the world to see by meeting here, Sakaane thought, annoyed. Requiring a public arena as a means to enforce decorum was ridiculous, though from the tension in the air it appeared she had just missed an example of how this setting might not necessarily achieve that end anyway. Could they really accomplish nothing without an audience? This is not how things should be done.

She turned her head, following the glances of the onlookers, and was not surprised to see Suresha Hawke and Layla Saitana sitting together. Taking a measured breath, Sakaane banished her irritation. That attitude would do no good here. Regardless of the venue, they needed this meeting. The alliance depended on it. She squared her shoulders and approached the table.

Namas, Suresha, Layla,” she said warmly, bowing respectfully to Saxon. “I hope you’ve not been waiting long.”