Frequently Asked Questions

What is Incyanity?

This site is a place for me to explore my creativity in various forms. I write and draw, play video games, and am interested in photography.

I enjoy sharing my creativity with others, though some bits of it I wish to protect from general consumption, hence the log in requirement.

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  1. Some pages say I have to log in to view them. What gives?
    • If you are not a member, you'll be asked to log in any time you try to access a protected area of the site. After you log in, most of the protected areas will be open to you. There will still be certain areas that are only for my friends or me.

      If you are already a member and are having trouble staying logged in, please let me know.

  2. What do , , and mean? (Privacy Levels)
    • These icons indicate the different privacy levels in use around the site. They appear next to navigation links on the Home page. The Members Only icon also appears in the menu. If you hover over each icon a tooltip will pop up to remind you what the icon means.

      These icons are not used within actual page content (to avoid icon clutter). Links that aren't self-evident will usually be Public, and sometimes Members Only.

       Public Access
      Yup, no icon, though if you hover over the space there's still a tooltip! These are public pages and anyone can view the linked page without having to log in.

       Members Only
      Most pages are members only. You must have an active member account and be logged in to access these areas.

       Friends Only
      This icon is used only in Book of Days to keep some entries restricted just to myself and my close friends.

       Admin Only
      Also used only in Book of Days. You have to be me to be able to access those entries. : )

  3. How do I become a member of the site?
    • Easy! Fill out the membership form.

      Just remember that membership is a privilege, not a right. If you don't respect that privilege, I will delete your account and sic my dragon on you.

  4. Can I change my account details? What if I can't remember what they are?
    • To change your password (when you know what it is), click here.

      To reset your password (when you've forgotten), click here.

      If you've forgotten your username or the email address you registered with, or if you want to change either of those things, just send me an email.

  5. I can't figure out your galleries. They're backwards!
    • The pictures are listed newest to oldest. So, if you want to view them sequentially, you should start at the bottom-right corner and work your way to the top-left.

      Guest art galleries are organized alphabetically by artist (check the tag). If the artist drew more than one picture, their pictures are listed newest to oldest.

  6. Can I draw pictures for you?
    • Yes please! I love receiving pictures of my characters. You don't have to ask for permission, but please see my Picture Policy for some guidelines.

  7. Can I use your pictures?
    • Probably not the way you want to. Please see my Picture Policy for more information.

  8. Who hosts your site and domain?
    • Storage space and domain hosting are provided by A Small Orange. Be sure to check them out.

  9. What are this site's viewing requirements?
    • Incyanity is coded to display best in Firefox. Otherwise, you should get by all right with a modern browser.

      You must also have JavaScript enabled in order to use the comment system and properly view this FAQ.

      A screen resolution of 1024x768+ is required. Anything less produces horizontal scrollbars.

      You must also have cookies enabled to log in.

      An open mind is great, too. : )
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