• Vengeance
  • Wormhole
  • Asteroid - Blue
  • Asteroid - Green/Yellow
  • Plasma Planet
  • Asteroid - Purple
  • Intaki VI and Asteroids
  • Intaki Prime
  • SakBat
  • Warp Tunnel Distortion
  • Peyote Lake
  • Bighorns
  • Grizzly
  • White Anemone
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Purple Anemone
  • Waterton
  • Foothills
  • White Tiger
  • Red Panda
  • Orange Fungi
  • Grapes
  • Daenan
  • Arlayn
  • Stream
  • Berwen

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Incyanity?

This site is a place for me to explore my creativity in various forms. I write and draw, crochet, play video games, and am interested in photography. I enjoy sharing my creativity with others.

2. Some pages say I have to log in to view them. What gives?

I prefer to keep some of my creative content restricted on purpose, especially since some of it is mature in nature. So, if you don’t have a user account on this site, you’ll be asked to log in any time you try to access a protected area. Protected articles have a lock icon members beside them in the menu. After you log in, most of the protected areas will be open to you. Certain articles might only be for my friends or me.

3. How do I become a member of the site?

Easy! Fill out the membership form. Just remember that membership is a privilege, not a right. If you don’t respect that privilege, I will delete your account and sic my dragon on you.

4. How is “Sakaane” pronounced?

My EVE Online character’s full name is Sakaane Eionell. Say Sa-KAWW-nay AY-oh-nell. The “KAAH” sound in her first name has a long “aww” sound like in “awesome”.

5. I can’t figure out your galleries. They’re backwards!

The thumbnails are listed newest to oldest. So, if you want to view them sequentially, you should start at the last image.

6. Can I draw pictures for you?

Yes please! I love receiving guest art. You don’t have to ask for permission, but please see my Picture Policy for some guidelines.

7. Can I use your pictures?

Probably not the way you want to. Please see my Picture Policy for more information.

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