Curious to know more about the characters in Heart of the Empire? Read the profiles below to gain a bit of insight.



Clan: Yodesi
Pronounciation: DAY-nan yo-DESS-ee

Daenan is strong and willfull, with a stubborn streak that sometimes causes grief for her family and friends. She values loyalty and integrity, and rather than allowing herself to be suffocated by her role as heiress, Daenan has fiercely held on to her individuality and freedom as a person, which sometimes gives people the impression she is more like a commoner than royalty.

She enjoys reading, nature walks, and is especially keen about mastering her skills as a fighter pilot. When her father dies, she reluctantly ascends to the throne. Her opinions about religion versus spirituality lead her to be at odds with the empire’s High Priestess, causing friction between the palace and the temple.



Clan: TBD
Pronounciation: keh-HIGH

Kehai is direct and confident, though this often borders on arrogance, and she has a temper. She values strength and prowess in battle, having been born and raised on Damar, a fiery world where the majority of the empire’s warriors are trained. She usually does whatever she likes, even if it means being a tad nasty or undiplomatic at times; once she is appointed Lady Chancellor of Damar, this sometimes doesn’t lend well to the position.

However, Kehai is fiercely patriotic and loyal to the empire, willing to protect the throne with her life. Her intuition serves her well, but she sometimes allows her competitive nature to interfere.


Clan: Unare
Pronounciation: ner-ELL you-NAR-ay

Nirell has a powerful sense of fair play and justice. He is keen to cooperate with others on an equal basis, though he often makes an exception for his rival Kehai. He values honesty and freedom, and due to his experience in the revolution, is keen to attend to the safety and prosperity of the empire. He is as much a patriot as Kehai.

Nirell excels at diplomacy, which serves everyone well once he becomes Lord Chancellor of Madora, but as much as he loves the empire, if it came down to a choice between saving the empire or saving Daenan, he would not hesitate to choose Daenan.


Clan: Tulavek
Pronounciation: VAY-oh-vis too-la-VEK

Veovis is ambitious and intelligent; he likes to be in control and picks up on everything going around him. Anything he involves himself in is of serious consequence and he rarely takes matters lightly. He values strength and discipline; he’s a perfectionist and can exercise extreme patience. He does not show personal weakness and dislikes seeing it in others. Veovis is authoritative and leadership comes easily to him. He would have been an excellent Clan leader had he not assisted with hunting down and executing his kin.

Veovis enjoys solitude and although he has many allies throughout the empire, few if any are friends. Although he doesn’t like a lot of personal contact, Veovis is also loathe to admit he has been lonely while pursuing his goals. He approves of Zai’al as a partner but believes love is something quite beneath him.



Clan: Kazenik
Pronounciation: zai-AL kaz-en-EEK

Zai’al is proud and ambitious; she enjoys the attention and power her position in the temple brings to her. She values loyalty and independence, having been raised in the temple outside of the accepted notion of family. She possesses a strong will and stubbornly adheres to her own ideals, even if they mean defying or undermining Madoran traditions.

Zai’al conducts herself with grace and poise, is well-spoken and thoughtful, but despite outward appearances, she is also manipulative, rarely feeling guilt for using others to achieve her goals. Once she learns her true heritage she will stop at nothing to obtain what she feels is rightfully hers.