My writing is often inspired by music, and Heart of the Empire is no exception. These pieces fit with certain themes, characters, scenes, etc, making them an unofficial soundtrack for HOTE!

Yoko Kanno
If HOTE was animated, this song would be perfect for the opening credits (I’ve checked the translation :3).
Jack Wall
Ambient. I imagine this is the type of music ardrakin would compose, sing, and listen to. It has a tribal slant to it which matches well with the clan structure of their society. When I listen to this I envision the sweeping expanses of the homeworld and the imperial city, the people going about their daily activities and otherwise enjoying life.
Two Steps From Hell
A good approximation of what an anthem for the ardrakin would sound like.
Yoko Kanno
Chanting and dance is an important part of ardrakin rituals, including those of the Dragon Temple. Ardrakin are a passionate and energetic people, which the pulsing beat of this music reflects. Something like this would have been performed in chapter five at Zai’al’s Ascension.
Steve Jablonsky
Veovis’s theme. This piece reinforces all the bad vibes Veovis has going for him. He is a strong, ambitious character, but also brutal, dark, and very dangerous.
Jack Wall
If this had been written for an animated version of HOTE, it would be called “Daenan’s Sorrow” and would play during scenes from chapters five and seven beginning with the incident at the temple.
Ambient. This piece reminds me of various activities and elements in the story, as if it could play in the background of certain scenes. It also evokes emotional imagery of characters like Daenan and Zai’al—and screams “music video” to me!
Lara Fabian
Inspirational. Speaks to certain themes in the story.
Jean-Pierre Isaac
Theme for the ardrakin. This piece brings to mind images of the way the Dragon Mother and Her temple is intended to be as opposed to how Zai’al’s ambition has corrupted both.
Phil Collins
An image song for Bal’al and Zai’al. This music would play during the conflict which arises between these characters in chapter eleven.
Breaking Benjamin
A generic sort of battle theme for the various conflicts in the story. Ardrakin have an aggressive streak and combat is an important part of their culture. This song would probably play during scenes with space battles!
In Strict Confidence
Main theme for the eruos. It’s quite reflective of the mob mentality of their society. This was the first piece of music to strike me as being suitable for HOTE!
VNV Nation
Gannik’s theme. Kinda creepy for how well it suits him!
Darren Hayes
Arlayn’s theme.
Simon Collins
A secondary theme song for Arlayn and the main theme song of the eruos dissident forces.
Simon Collins
Inspirational. A secondary theme song for the eruos.
Within Temptation
An image song for Arlayn and Daenan. This song will make more sense to readers once Arlayn has been introduced in the story. :)
Simon Collins
Inspirational. Speaks to certain themes in the story. Also a theme for the Genesi.
Sarah Brightman
Inspirational. Speaks to various conflicts/choices the characters and their societies face.
VNV Nation
If HOTE was animated, this song would play during the end credits.