Despite all the uproar in the last year, I’ve made an effort to grow the ranks of TGPI but it seems to be for naught. We brought on several new people—Sansebastian, Johnny, Musashi, Huanlong, Kruznik, others—and all have either left to join other organizations or simply fail to make any sort of regular appearance.

Where is Nailo and the rest of the original TGPI crew? There were more than a dozen of them when I signed on last year, but since then the group has seemingly been whittled down to just Devan and Eric, and, to some extent, Abby, though he spends most of his time on his own out in Amarr space. The corporation roster still lists everyone else but anyone’s guess is good as to where they might be or what they’re doing. I think new recruits feel uneasy staying in our ranks when they see so little participation from the long-standing members, and I can’t blame them!

That Nailo, our CEO, has been absent from our daily operations for months is especially worrisome. More and more, Devan has had to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t be his to make. He stays up late working on reports and tasks which should be solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. Devan has his own responsibilities to tend to, he has obligations to himself and to me outside of the work we do… I see him less and less for all the time he spends in the corp office. But Nailo has been unreachable and left no word. The corporation will flounder without someone’s guidance, and there is no one else with at least some authority to do it but Devan.

Part of me, a not-so-small part, can’t help but notice the original TGPI crew, who lately again I am painfully aware are mostly all Caldari, started to vanish this spring right around when the militia conflict with the State began to ramp up again. Devan gets angry when I suspect these things are related. It’s an awfully convenient coincidence though…