The bank contacted me today because someone has deposited money into my account. A lot of money.

This is the second time this has happened; I never discovered who it was the first time. It seems my benefactor still wishes to remain anonymous, as once again there were no details included, just a note. Make good use of the funds, it said.

I asked the bank to investigate again. How can anyone transfer such a large amount of ISK without revealing their identity? Not to mention—why would someone arbitrarily dump these funds on me? My first instinct says there must be something criminal going on…although the notes that accompanied both deposits have not suggested anything of the sort.

The bank insists they have no information and can only confirm the funds are legitimate. They must be protecting the benefactor’s identity. But then…if he or she has this kind of wealth to throw around, I suppose I’m not surprised.

I asked Bataav to look into it but he came up empty too.

I’m tempted to not use the money at all. I don’t know where it came from or why I was chosen to receive it. But then I thought the person who gave it to me must be keeping tabs on me to some extent—after all, he or she knew I’d lost that Legion. This is a bit unsettling, and I wonder what the consequences might be if I do nothing. What constitutes a “good use” of the funds is subjective. On the other hand, I refuse to live my life having to look over my shoulder all the time.

I thought about giving it all to charities here at home but discarded that idea because of the ongoing faction conflict. Occupation by the State certainly means the funds will be sucked into the Caldari war machine, which would be the worst use of the funds imaginable. The Feds getting their hands on it would be just as bad.

Instead… I think I’ll put it into something I can use with ILF, which will still help the Intaki people in the end. I’ll sleep on it…but I think I know what I’m going to do.