An article about capsuleer independence caught my eye in the newsfeeds today.

It contrasts sharply with, yet also flatters, the things Devan has often told me about being affiliated with the empires. He still holds a very strong opinion about the navy. The article points to so many capsuleers leaving their empire affiliations—and so, I must believe, some of them their ties to the respective naviesbehind to make their own way in this world. I can only imagine they do so because they somehow feel unsatisfied with their careers. And yet, the article claims the empires are all right with this. How can this be?

The navies at least invest so much time and money into the capsuleers they train… How can they justify simply being content with having them walk away? Perhaps they are not worried about losing the ones they have because there is always a steady stream of applicants clamoring to replace them.

On the other hand, the article talks about capsuleers working for empire corporations, as Devan and his associates in Golden Phoenix do. I understand there are many corporations out there who employ capsuleers…but the navy itself also has agents. I am not sure I can yet reconcile how some of these capsuleers could resign their commissions only to turn around and run errands for the navy’s agents.

I am conflicted. Despite myself I feel some loyalty to this organization, for taking me in and training me, and only asking for my dedication in return. I haven’t forgotten my reasons for being here, not by a long shot. The Serpentis will feel my wrath. But that doesn’t mean I should simply abandon the navy at the first opportunity like these independent capsuleers have seemingly felt no compunction against doing…does it?