In half a year I’m going to graduate and spend my time putting myself into situations where I could be blown to smithereens on a daily basis. I know I’m the one who chose this. The Serpentis are a blight and must be wiped out!

I remember when I had no idea what cloning was, who capsuleers were. The vocal chords I use today are my own, yet not. Alien to me, even if they are genetically identical. Maybe that’s why I can’t sing. They are simply not the ones I had, the ones I spent years practicing with to give life to the lyrics I wrote…

Seeing the news today about the Impro cloning scandal makes me suddenly anxious about the choice I made. The training I’ve undergone these last years has been, in part, to prepare me for the eventuality that I will be podded and wake up in yet another new body. This is not altogether different from what the Reborn experience… I’m rather fond of the body I have now, even though it, too, isn’t the original. Even if another new body is a clone of the old one, I’d still know it was different.

But this…increased of instances of mind-lock and corrupted neural transfers…is alarming. While some people see capsuleers and the Reborn as ‘cheating’ death, I still know one day this particular body will expire. Just…not like that. Not so I can’t go on. Not because of a software glitch! And Impro says their figures are ‘in line’ with other corporations, as if they are talking about stop-loss failures or production irregularities! These are people who trust them to ensure they still wake up when the other guy wins. It gives me chills.