Vorada Kuvakei was released today after his lawyers entered a plea bargain for him against the charges made resulting from his involvement with the Serpentis carrier takedown last month. Along with his associates, he’s been expelled from Federation territory too.

I’ve been mulling this over and can’t really wrap my head around it. Xavier originally accused Kuvakei of being “politically motivated” in his actions and of “withholding information and evidence”. What sort of information and evidence would Kuvakei have possibly had if he wasn’t actually involved with the Serpentis directly? Are the Feds so daft in their investigation methods that an operation the size of the one leading to the capture of the carrier was easily disrupted by one or two random capsuleers? Really?

I rather believe the Federation, and Xavier in particular, simply saw an opportunity to pick up on some other slight Kuvakei dealt them in the past, and capitalized on it. Kuvakei is formerly of Mordu’s Legion, and I’m sure there are those in the Federation who still feel the sting of that bit of history. The fact there is a gag order regarding the plea bargain leads me to believe I’m right. If the Illoren pilots really were just interfering in the operation somehow, what could be such a big secret? Why bother exiling them from the Federation? No, something else went on there and I seriously doubt it had anything to do with the Serpentis.

Meanwhile, I will eagerly await the trial of Cobra Squadron.