He was here last night, in Intaki. My friends looked but couldn’t locate him.

They gave me a transcript… I can’t put into words how much their support means to me. With everything else that’s been going on lately it’s nice to know I have so many on my side.

“Four notches” in his belt, he said. He claims responsibility for the death of my family, even my mother. He said he wants “the whole set”, like we’re some kind of goddamn figurines! And he called my father a traitor. A traitor to what…?!

The bodies of my father and brothers were never recovered. I keep telling myself it’s just smack, just something he said to unnerve my friends, and me. A lot of the victims were never found. But I can’t help but wonder…

He’s been to my home. He mentioned the tree. How else would he know unless he’d been there? Bataav has stationed a security detail on the property now. We went down together so I could tell Aranza in person what was happening. I wanted to meet the team’s commander too, to know who is looking after my interests.

Even when I’m not there, they watch.

We tried to joke about me getting a bodyguard. I laughed; I won’t live in fear. I knew that threats against my life could, and would, happen once I became president. I visit the firing range often, though I carry my sidearm in a concealed shoulder holster now instead of on display at my hip. Bataav and I practice hand-to-hand together too. I could still be better at both disciplines but Darac would really have a run for his money now. Put a bullet between his eyes? Hell yes.

We didn’t joke for too long. For all his hot air and posturing, the guy is obviously serious, and he did attempt to kill me once before. The timing is convenient. I wonder if the holoreel convention reminded him of his failed attempt. I wonder if he was waiting for a reason to take another shot at me. Now that I’m president I suppose I look like a…juicier trophy…than before.

But why? Why would he claim the things he has? What possible interest could he have in my family? It still makes no sense to me…

One thing is for certain: he’s at least somewhat more clever than some who were monitoring FreeIntaki gave him credit for. Darac’s appearance revealed his public profile to us, and at first glance he looks like a capsuleer still green from military school. But having met him at the holoreel convention last year, Bataav and I know this isn’t the case. When he checked, Bataav found the transponder code on Darac’s broadcast was faked; the profile we can see doesn’t contain Darac’s true details.

So much for coming back to work fresh.

Transcript follows.

Channel ID: 2114849776
Channel Name: FreeIntaki
Listener: Bataav
Session started: YC114.03.28 23:39:28

Darac Rin > Any of you concord bootlickers know wher eI can find Eionell?
Teutonii > Bootlickers?
Darac Rin > Ya. you know, you all have noses so clean I could eat off ‘em.
Bataav > Ms Eionell is planetside at the moment. Something I can help you with?
Darac Rin > DOubt it. She and I have unfinished business is all. I hear she’s some sort of hotshot Intaki politician now!
Bataav > She was recently voted alliance President yes. What kind of unfinished business? I can let her know you were looking for her.
Yoshito Sanders > From this fellow’s tone, I’m guessing it’s not friendly business.
Darac Rin > Hey look, a smart fanatic. Didn’t know they existed.
It’s the kind that ends with her corpse splayed over the front of my ship, with no chance of comin back from any clone vat. Anywhere.
Bataav > Hmm doubtful, Darac. Doubtful.
Darac Rin > You think so? I already got the rest of her family. What makes her so special?
Devan Corvel > I think you’re more likely to find yourself on the wrong end of a neutron blaster, Darac.
Bataav smiles.
Bataav > I just remembered where I know your name from. Make that very doubtful.
Darac Rin > Pfft. Tough talk. You don’t scare me.
Come to think of it, I know your face too. Seems I owe you some payback too.
Bataav > I’m not one for idle smack talk. Let’s see if you can come up with anything more than rough talk too.
Darac Rin > You have a short memory, don’t ya? Seems to me I got her nicely squared away once before. Where were you?
Still recall that fine ass of hers.
Bataav > You were put in your place once before. I shouldn’t have too much trouble remind you of that too.
Darac Rin > Bring it on. I bet I find her first. Planetside, you say? Been a while since I graced the Eionell estate. Really like that big ol tree in the yard.
Devan Corvel > Bataav, what’s he talking about?
Yoshito Sanders > You seem to be attempting to be intimidating. Crude threats aren’t really that intimidating though.
Bataav > Someone Sakaane and I have run into in the past. I’ll let her tell you about it but it’s not like we’ve never had some insignificant claiming to be the next “big bad” before.
Devan Corvel scowls.
Devan Corvel > I don’t like the sound of that…
Darac Rin > haha. You fools have no idea. But it’s fine. I’ll hunt her down on my own. THere are already four notches on my belt—just need to finish things off and get the whole set
Yoshito Sanders > I would get the old “shut up and undock”, but considering he’s talking about planetside stuff, well…
Darac Rin > Planetside or spaceside, doesn’t matter.
Yoshito Sanders > I’m sure you’re very scary to Mrs Purgison’s tea and biscuits club down at the local bingo parlor. When you get that 5th notch and scream out BINGO I’m sure they’ll all just soil their adult diapers.
Darac Rin > When I get that fifth notch you guys’ll be missing one president.
Yoshito Sanders > Oh, I think Jacus Roden will be hard to get to. Oh, wait, you mean Sakaane. Yes yes. SO THREATENING.
Bataav > You failed once Darac. You’ll fail again.
Darac Rin > We’ll see.
Bataav > You sound like you’ve lost some of that confidence you were spouting earlier.
Devan Corvel > Cross paths with me spaceside, Darac, and you won’t be around long enough to regret it. Try anything planetside, and my money’s on Sak putting a bullet between your eyes.
Darac Rin > In your dreams. You guys are nauseating. You passed me in space once already Mr Devan, didn’t see you take one interest in me then.
Devan Corvel > That’s because your mouth hadn’t issued a war-dec your hull can’t cash yet. Name the coordinates and I’ll be happy to rectify that.
Darac Rin laughs.
Darac Rin > Whiteknighting brown nosers.
Devan Corvel > I don’t care who you are, or why you’re stupid enough to threaten her. Sakaane has friends, beyond being more than capable of looking after herself.
Darac Rin > I’ll get to her before any of you get to me.
Bataav > I thought our noses were clean enough to eat off earlier? You’re becoming inconsistent Darac.
Yoshito Sanders > Or he has some unsavory eating habits.
Bataav > An insight into his personal preferences we could have done without I think.
Devan Corvel > Well, like any untrained simian, his first resort is obviously to fling his own feces.
Yoshito Sanders > These angry types who don’t have scars surgically repaired so they look tougher typically aren’t the brightest.
Devan Corvel > Well, that or he just couldn’t afford it. Bet he’s that wreck you always find in a belt after nuking a flight of Serpentis, who had a miner I strapped to the hull to make ends meet.
Darac Rin > The scar on my face was a present from that trator scum Nasiir Eionell. I keep it as a reminder.
Yoshito Sanders > Because your memory isn’t good enough to remember it otherwise.
Darac Rin > Ooo I’m so hurt. Boohoo.
Yoshito Sanders > Oddly enough, that’s what I’m sure Sakaane will say after you next come after her.
Morwen Lagann > Sounds to me like you’re going to be hurting a lot more if you continue this path.
Darac Rin > The only one who’s gonna hurt is Eionell when I get my hands on her. I’ve been waiting a long time. I can wait a bit longer.
Bataav > Hurt. You’ll become very acquainted with hurt soon enough Darac.
Darac Rin > Then I’m sure it’s a date. A nice little threesome. I’ll be happy to tack up your corpse next to hers and fly it past Astral. And all your little ILF buddies will cry.
Morwen Lagann > … Threatening someone when among their friends and acquaintances is rather counterproductive.
Darac Rin > None of these limpdicks scare me one bit. But as I said, if you aren’t gonna cough her up for me, I’ll find her myself. That’s a promise.
Morwen Lagann > Sounds to me like you’re the limp one, having to talk yourself up like that.
Darac Rin > See ya around.


Yoshito Sanders > Well, I’m probably the last person here you actually need to worry about. Or at least the third or fourth. But if you want to see just where that 4th place spot gets you, look up Rahsa Teff some time.
Teutonii > Charming fellow.
Morwen Lagann > … I apparently logged in in the middle of something… You guys need any help with this?
Devan Corvel > Yes… I’m sure the only thing that could improve it more is volunteering him for biomass reclamation.
Bataav > No, Darac is easy enough to handle. I’ve put him on his backside once before already.
Yoshito Sanders > Loudmouth pirates usually aren’t all that threatening when looked at in the light of day.
Bataav nods.
Morwen Lagann > Yeah, I found that it was better to keep quiet and only speak when necessary back when I was in that line of work.
Morwen Lagann coughs lightly, then grins.
Morwen Lagann > But in all seriousness, I might not live near Viriette anymore, but if an extra set of guns is needed, give me a shout or something. My schedule’s been rather empty lately.
Bataav smiles.
Bataav > Thanks for the offer.
Morwen Lagann > Dunno what his problem is, but she’s been nice enough to me every time we’ve spoken.
Devan Corvel > Ohh! I know! After we catch this SOB, we can get a private cloning contract on him and each take turns violently decompressing his pods!
Bataav > My understanding is it’s a long story.
Morwen Lagann > Heh. I like my sec where it is for the moment. Makes me look innocent and not-dangerous.
Devan Corvel > Yeah, I figure there’s history there… Or at least he certainly wants it to sound that way. Either way, doesn’t matter to me. I’m sure he’ll be dealt with.
Devan Corvel casts a sidelong glance toward Bataav.
Bataav smiles.
Bataav > Devan that’d be too quick. If Darac thinks I’m some “white knighter” or whatever he called us he has no idea and that suits me fine.
Morwen Lagann > “White-knighting brownnosers” I believe was the phrase.
Bataav > That was it.
Morwen Lagann > Real white-knighting brownnosers are a lot more funny to watch.
Devan Corvel > Hmm, think it’s time to hit up some agents who owe me favors.
Bataav > Following his comments about the Eionell estate I’ve just made arrangements to keep an eye out. Same people who helped me stop him when he first turned up.
Devan Corvel > Good to know. If you need any additional resources, just ask.
Bataav > My people are well skilled in this kind of thing but that’s good to know. Thanks.
Devan Corvel > Figured, you being a diplomat and all. Still, if there’s anything I can contribute, I will.
Morwen Lagann > Same, even if I’m not nearby. I might not agree with everything that the ILF stands for, but you’re doing good work that benefits all of us, and I’m not inclined to let someone like him get in your way if I can help out.
Devan Corvel smiles.
Devan Corvel > I’m sure Sakaane will appreciate the gesture.
Morwen Lagann > I figure it’s time I did something to help rather than be a nuisance. … Ah, though that might’ve been before your time with the ILF, come to think of it.
Wei TianXiang > What sort of mischief are you up to, Morwen? I hate coming into the middle of conversations…
Morwen Lagann > None at all at the moment. This was nearly… actually, more or less exactly two years ago.
Wei TianXiang > Ah, from before my time with Intaki-area goings-on.
Devan Corvel > Yeah, that was probably a little before my time, or in my brief departure from the corp.
Morwen Lagann grins a little.
Morwen Lagann > I just checked, it was before. Mid-March to mid-April of 112, we took a field trip and moved into Eugales. I ended up spending most of my time in Brarel and Vey intercepting other capsuleers doing agent work. Had one or two run-ins with ILF pilots, actually.
Devan Corvel > Ah. I assume not of the pleasant kind?
Morwen Lagann > Not really, no. One kill, and I remember tripping a rather…amusing trap, as well. Engaged someone’s Myrmidon in a belt, local spiked, and I decided to bug out. The, um…bait, forgot to try and scramble my ship. So I’m sure comms were less than pleasant, heh.
Morwen Lagann grins grins sheepishly.
Morwen Lagann > Anyway. Don’t really want to brag about that sort of thing. I used to be a pain in the ass in the area, but now I’d rather see if I can help out to make up for it.
Devan Corvel > Well, we’ve all done things we wish we hadn’t at some point. Glad to hear you want to help out, regardless.
Morwen Lagann nods.
Devan Corvel > Anyhow, I’m going to sign off and see if I can’t scare up any details that might help. Fly safe everyone.
Bataav > o/ Fly safe.
Morwen Lagann > G’night.