I decided today I will quit TGPI and apply to ILF. I’ve seen nothing but good things about this corporation and the people in it. They want to improve the status quo in Placid and they strive for Intaki to achieve independence from the Federation. Joining them would mean I can go home and be close to Mom to boot!

I managed to catch Devan in his office. We sat and had our first real face to face conversation since our breakup. It was awkward and a bit nerve-wracking at first; I feared something about it would go badly but in the end it was all right.

I asked him (and yes, Eric too) to come with me. I’ve come to accept we aren’t together anymore but I’d like to find our way back to being friends like we used to be, and really, there is no reason for him to stay here. I told him about ILF and we spent some time reviewing the information I’ve gathered about them.

He thought about it and then agreed, but asked me to stay for a while first to help tidy things up things with TGPI before we shut it down. Since becoming CEO he’s discovered there are a great deal more assets left lying around New Eden than he thought, and we might as well recover and liquidate it all for future use since there is no one left to utilize any of it otherwise.

For the first time this year, I think I feel content with the direction my path is taking.