As I feared, Nailo has remained CEO in absentia.

Devan and I argue frequently now about his role and what Nailo’s absence is doing to the corp and to our relationship. I help as much as I can, but Devan is stuck being a director doing a CEO’s job without a CEO’s roles. Even though he’s “Acting CEO” now, he still only has a certain amount of access granted to him like I do, so we can only hobble along and, for lack of a better term, fake it. He questions his own decisions constantly and worries he’s going to bring TGPI to ruin.

How am I supposed to do my job as Director of Personnel when we have no CEO to properly greet new recruits? How are we supposed to explain to these people what the corp’s direction is and why Devan makes all the decisions when he doesn’t technically have the authorization to do so? Morale around the office is brutally low and activity has ceased from everyone else except Eric, Abby, and Kruznik. But even then, Abby maintains his distance in Amarr space so he might as well not be in the corp at all, and Kruznik has taken much the same cue, holing up down in Cat and only occasionally venturing up to Bereye. How are we a corp if we can’t even form a cohesive group?

Now and again Nailo seems to send a mail to Devan but they’re never very helpful and never mention when he might return. At least we know he’s still alive? I’ve been pushing Devan to ask Nailo to transfer CEO status to him, even if only temporarily, so that we can at least get something worthwhile done with TGPI, but Devan is reluctant. He still considers Nailo a friend and doesn’t feel it’s fair to imply Nailo is no longer worthy to have the role of CEO.

We go around in circles on that point. I can appreciate his perspective, but we are stuck so long as we have no active CEO. Our wheels are spinning and nothing productive gets done. It’s so frustrating! This kind of status quo is unacceptable and if this is how it’s going to be, it’s time to look for something else.

Today is my birthday. We had meant to have dinner tonight but once again Devan is working late in that damn office taking care of Nailo’s business. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to find myself alone in our bed because Devan was out there having to haul in a contract because no one else with the skills to would. I can’t even remember the last time we just had a day to ourselves.

I am not happy.