I spoke today for the first time in ten weeks!

At first I wasn’t sure I could. But then the words formed and the sound came out!

I went to see my mother. She’s out of intensive care now and is responding well to the regenerative therapies. She can sit up unassisted and is starting to be able to handle solid foods. I hoped when I showed her I barely need the hoverchair anymore and could greet her aloud, it would spark something, anything…

At the sound of my voice she did turn to look at me. I reached out my hands and she let me take hers in mine, and even squeezed my fingers a bit. She watched me for a moment before a tear fell down her face and she turned back to the window.

She’s always like this now, always staring out the window.

I talked to her until my throat felt raw and I worried I’d overdone it, but she didn’t look at me again.