I have come back to the Intaki Liberation Front!

It was not entirely at my convenience, but I’m not sad it happened when it did. I had expected to stay with Tantalus and CM a bit longer, but when the universe so obviously says otherwise, what is one to do but smile and nod and just do it?

The war against Silent Overwatch was going nowhere so it was withdrawn. Fine by me. Almost immediately after that, Comic Mischief seemed to implode. I’m not clear on all the details, but Natalya wanted us to go down to Amarr space and hop into ops with a group of blue pilots from outside the alliance. I was stationside for the first one but Gabe and the others were there. Something went wrong and most of our ships were destroyed. The guys were pretty upset about how it was handled, and I don’t blame them.

After that, Natalya seemed to pull back to go off to do his own thing in a wormhole somewhere, while the rest of the alliance leadership were more or less nowhere to be found. Activity nosedived, and those of us on the lower end of the ladder were left not knowing what was going on.

Then I had an argument with Gabe. I’d managed to catch one of the alliance guys in space and we had a conversation about a number of things. The topic had turned to personal plans so I mentioned I’d be going back to ILF, especially since it looked like the alliance was heading in a direction that didn’t align with my personal goals. Gabe came to see me in my quarters after that, quite angry. Obviously what I’d said had been repeated to him and he didn’t like it.

I might have been a duly registered member of Tantalus Inc., but nobody, not Gabe, not Devan, not the whole Comic Mischief alliance, nobody gets to treat me like they own me. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that I’m not to have my own opinion unless it matches what the alliance thinks! And should the alliance want to take on an activity that I personally have no interest in, I should basically “shut up, put up”, just do what I’m told and thank them very much for it, because hey, it’s going to reflect poorly on Gabe if I dare to have a mind of my own. “It would be swell if this didn’t come back on me!” he said as he stood there lecturing me.

When I tried to explain myself he told me he didn’t want to hear it because he wasn’t going “to dispute what was said or why”essentially, he was right and I’d committed some cardinal sin by expressing myself, end of story. I reminded him then that he knew from the start I was only with Tantalus temporarily and only interested in gaining practical combat experience against other capsuleers. That set him off and he stormed out, but shouted at me from the other side of the door about how ‘unreal’ I am. “I’m done here!” he said.

I guess he hadn’t changed after all. I almost expected I’d have to literally toss him from my quarters but thankfully it didn’t come to that. I’m really very glad now he didn’t join ILF. Perhaps the Suresha knew all along he would show these colors…

When I walked into the ILF corp lounge today, Mammal and a few others were there but didn’t notice me right away. I took great delight in the surprise on their faces when I announced, “I’m back!” Mammal jumped up with a cry of “Sakaane!” to give me a hug, and Bataav (sitting cloaked up outside the station, as he’s fond of doing) was in my ear with a warm welcome much the same. Such a contrast to Gabe’s treatment…

Yes, this is home, and I’m happy to be back.