The more I’ve thought about it, the more invested I’ve become in the idea that I could be voted president of the alliance. Ideas I’ve had in the past have begun to expand into more and more ideas.

I couldn’t sleep with all the thoughts buzzing about in my head, so instead I came up with this platform, and have sent it to the alliance members for their consideration:

If elected as president, I would want to revitalize and refocus IPI.

Having its heart here in Intaki, I should like to encourage existing members to congregate in the home system and place their ventures in the greater Intaki sov if they have not done so already. I want to see more friendly faces in local.

Prosperity comes not just from economic stability but also security. I therefore wish to seek new member corporations who are anti-pirate in nature, either as their sole purpose or as part of a hybrid industrial organization, in addition to new industrial-only corporations. All new and existing member corporations should have a vested interest in Intaki itself and a willingness to operate in the system and surrounding area on more than a casual basis. They don’t necessarily need to support ILF’s mandate of secession though it would be a nice added bonus.

I would like to foster cooperation between all alliance members. IPI members should take advantage of what their fellow alliance-mates have to offer each other and treat each other as the “go to guys”. For example, industrialists should at all times feel free to request protection from combat pilots in exchange for giving support to the local trade hub. Combat pilots should encourage the industrialists to provide wares to the trade hub that they require in order to provide that protection.

Keeping lines of communication open is important. IPI members should praise each other’s wins, mourn their losses, and celebrate achievements. For example, with the addition of new anti-pirate groups expansion of the ILF killboard to include IPI member corporations may be one way to help foster teamwork and feelings of inclusiveness.