Today the Scope ran a rather delightful story about Intaki sweet pod melons! How surprising to see something from my home cropping up somewhere as far away as Nahol? Makes the cluster seem like a much smaller place.

I love sweet pods. Haven’t had it in ages though, so I popped down to show Njal the story and he’s already been in contact with his suppliers. Although sweet pods have been available off Intaki for several years now, the Amarr’s sudden interest has renewed the fruit’s popularity just about everywhere and they’re suddenly a lot easier to obtain again.

He says he’ll create a new dish for the menu, and I’ll be the first to have a taste. I’m looking forward to it! I remember going out into the jungle with Maekari and Kiraeni to pick them, and the boys grabbing the small, unripe ones with their tiny hands because they couldn’t handle the larger ones. Then they’d fight over who had the most, or the biggest, or the best… Mom used to make ice cream from whatever we brought back…

It’ll be nice to taste that flavor again.