Devan was in-system today. He brought some of the TGPI crew with him, a couple of new recruits he’s showing the ropes to. The four of us went for dinner.

The two recruits are brothers. The one, Ven, was quiet and polite, and I liked him well enough. His brother Gabriel though… I have never met a more stubborn and arrogant man in my life. I don’t want to say that we argued as such, but we certainly didn’t get along.

He wasn’t outright offensive or rude, but he is over-confident and over-zealous, and I think he’s impatient for glory. TGPI is a small, close-knit outfit that takes measured steps rather than hurrying out wildly into the void. They don’t do things simply because it might be “cool”. Gabe seems to think he should have it all now. He even talked about how he’s sure he’s going to rise through the corp’s ranks. The word “entitled” came to mind…

He’s young and he has enthusiasm though, which I’m sure is excellent for the corp, but I get the impression his zeal and lust for excitement is going to be his undoing unless he learns a bit of restraint. He reminds me of kids who watch old holoreels about war and get starry-eyed at the supposed romance of it all.

Dinner wasn’t a total disaster…once we stopped talking directly to one another, that is. Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot.