The Scope reported today that a formal petition was brought before the Federation Senate appealing for improved security in Placid. I suppose this comes in the wake of last month’s reports about all the opportunistic scum which thrives in the area.

I’d like to say I’m hopeful about this being the first step to something being done for the people at home but I doubt anything will change. Why should it? Nothing happened ten months ago after the SCC diplomats were killed. In fact, it seems like the Federation simply swept the whole matter under the rug and hushed it up rather fast. There was no word about follow-up investigations or whether any of the pirates were apprehended.

Given the SCC is a division of CONCORD I’m surprised more wasn’t done, even by CONCORD itself. But if the Federation, and CONCORD, has no regard for those deaths, why should a petition from regular citizens sway them?