Devan took me to a tattoo artist today. He said he wanted to help me find ways to distance myself from the navy, and what better way to do so than to personify my rejection of it through a rebellious medium such as skin art?

At first I was reluctant. I’ve seen my share of Minmatar and many of them are covered head to toe in designs. I didn’t think that kind of thing is for me. But tattoos are popular with a lot of Gallente these days. Devan has one that isn’t actually terribly intrusive on his features, and once I was in the shop with him I saw they offered a number of feminine choices.

In the end I chose one I felt was simple and elegant. The nano-technology involved means I don’t have to wear it all the time if I don’t want to, and I can have it changed later. But I like it.

Sakaane Eionell