An unassuming man, nondescript in every way, delivered a package today. He was the kind of man you hire when you want to courier something and not have it noticed.

The package was an envelope. It bore no address, no sender’s details, no markings of any kind. I was working in my office at the Astral station when the courier was ushered in. He simply handed it to me with a quiet, “For you,” and departed. He did not ask my name, did not make me sign for it.

Which I wonder about now, as I have no idea why he brought the envelope to me at all. It contained nothing more than a large print photograph—of what I’m not really sure, as the image is out of focus to the point its details are more or less obliterated. But it seems to be an outdoor shot, as there is sky across the top and varying blobs of green (trees and grass I think) in the middle and foreground.

The curious bit is the pale, irregular blob on the right in the middle ground. Despite the blur, the angles of this blob are too proper to be anything other than a man-made…something. But what?

I considered whether the courier delivered the photo to the wrong person. I wasn’t expecting it and to my mind it serves no purpose, so only someone who actually had need of it must want it. But I couldn’t find the courier and no one I asked could recall seeing him.

I’ve set it aside for now, on the off-chance the courier returns to take it to the person it was probably actually meant for.