We went out on a roam late last night.

It started when Sanya reported Lodik alone in system in a Vagabond. He engaged Jezebel at a belt and a number of us (myself, Odin, Sanya, Syyl’ara, Titania), warped in. Lodik disengaged and warped off as we landed. I pursued and found him at the sun, and he ran again.

For the duration of his GCC (and then some) Lodik talked smack in Local, joined by RomulusXI. Sanya formed a fleet, and a couple of other pilots joined us.

We made a few attempts to locate Lodik. He failed to engage Odin at a belt, but later engaged Sanya at a planet. Unfortunately he was able to evade us and eventually left system. At least we had no losses from these engagements.

Most memorable smack quote:

lodik > i accomnplished my balls and my ship which should of died

Anyway, the fleet hung around and started scouting for other targets, mainly in Agoze. I took over FC at this point.

Yes… I took over as fleet commander then. My first time doing it myself! I was very nervous and worried I’d lead everyone to a fiery death…

We spent about an hour trying to find a suitable target that was not hugging an enemy POS, or docked up, or flying something other than a shuttle or a pod. No luck. At one point Devan jumped into Brarel and found Lodik camping the Intaki gate. Lodik got him halfway into structure with one volley before Devan escaped.

Bataav joined us and fleet moved into Agoze. We set up at a safe point and held, still looking for targets, but were eventually scanned down and engaged.

Sanya took out a fourth pilot, Jack Irish, on her own.

Overall I feel the engagement was well done. Everyone stayed calm and collected. We even had a spectator who gave everyone kudos in Local afterward.

Thereafter, I had everyone withdraw to Intaki, at which point a few of us (including me) decided to call it quits while we were ahead.

I think it was a good showing for ILF and a great example of teamwork between us and our allies. Although we didn’t get Lodik we still prevented him from getting any of us so I’d still call that a win.

In the end I didn’t mind being FC. I was told I did a good job.