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Tag: art

Evolving an Idea

The other day my muse woke up a little and hit me with a strong desire to update the Heart of the Empire Music article, so I did. The list has gone from twenty to thirty songs and I created a proper playlist on YouTube too! The ten new additions had been rattling around in my head for a while and it was high time I got them added to my personal playlist as well as here on the website. The choice of these new songs was inspired by (or because they inspired) changes to the story that I’ve been contemplating in the last year. Enjoy!

The plot changes are in-progress (still working on not being a slow writer)…but updating the soundtrack wasn’t all my muse had in store for me!

A New Chibi Daenan

It’s been a long while since I had any truly new art to share for Heart of the Empire, but on Saturday I had an opportunity to get a commission from Sarah “Sakky” Forde. She was kind enough to draw Daenan using the updated ardrakin species design I’ve been working on. The female version of that new design hasn’t been started yet, but Sakky’s commission is chibi style so the proportions for a female versus a male aren’t as important. It came out great! Here is her adorable work:

Heart of the Empire Artwork

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Solitary Pilot Artwork

Trust Issues

We’ve been busy. Council sessions continue to play out more along the lines of a circus of hostility. It’s ridiculous, the amount of juvenile baloney that goes on. I never expected grade-school level name-calling would be something I’d experience as president, but there it is. Politics at its best? I’ve tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) not to show it in chambers but my stress level is higher than it’s ever been and my patience is wearing thin.

Tongue Wars

Tongue Wars

Given the antics today, in hindsight it was obviously not the best time to bring it up but Bataav and I had a…conversation…about his team. I confronted him with what Aranza told me regarding their background and questioned what it means considering he told me he worked with them before he became a capsuleer. I listed off a few other, unrelated, odd things he’s mentioned (let slip?).

Happy Birthday

Today was Bataav’s birthday so I got him something nice…

The Kiss

The Kiss