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Yearly archives: 2010

Ebook Collections

There are story arcs on Solitary Pilot spanning numerous entries which took months (if not years) to write. By collecting the related posts together, readers are now able to enjoy complete narratives from the comfort of their tablet or eReader.

7th Annual Impetus Holoreel Convention

March, YC113. Thousands of allies and rivals from across the cluster have temporarily set aside their differences to travel to Dodixie, a star system in the heart of the Gallente Federation. There they will share drinks with one another, forge new friendships, and party hard at the Impetus Holoreel Convention, a massive gathering of capsuleers celebrating all facets of life in war-torn New Eden.

Among them are Sakaane Eionell and Bataav en Gravonere, two pilots from the Intaki Liberation Front keen to meet each other face to face for the first time. But their vacation brings more than they bargained for when a pirate seizes the opportunity for revenge, forcing Sakaane to begin questioning the truth about her family’s past.

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More eBook Collections will be posted Soon™!

Loyalties Affirmed

Thanks to Gabriel Alkest, Devan Corvel, and Saxon Hawke for participating.

Sinq Laison Region – Coriault Constellation – Odotte System

“We’ll be testing fits today,” Natalya said. “Pair up to start. First one to get their partner to twenty-five percent armor wins. Do not proceed further than that, else I’ll fine your whiny asses. Sak, you’re first.”

She nudged her ship, Fire of Sekhmet, into the arena, watching her opponent’s Megathron approaching from the opposite direction. A ring of ships surrounded them, each from Comic Mischief member corporations.

The pilot in the Megathron jettisoned one unit of ammunition. She sent a command to loot his can, bypassing the automated warning that she was about to commit a criminal act.

He flashed red on her overview as he opened fire and she returned the favor, launching drones and pulling her Harbinger in tight, orbiting him at her laser turrets’ optimal range.

It was a close battle, but the Megathron, stationary and not fitted to web her down, slowly found its tank breaking ahead of her own. Eventually, Natalya called it.

“Good work. So here we see the importance of being able to stay moving against targets and how your optimals can work for or against you. The Meg couldn’t track as well with the Harb spinning around it like that, while Sak scored solid hits against the stationary target. Being inside the blaster’s optimal range while still being at her own meant her hits were better, while the ones she received didn’t do as much damage as they could have. With some better drone skills, Sakaane would have easily pulled ahead and beat this battleship. Let’s have a look at that Meg’s fit…”


Thanks to Gabriel Alkest and Devan Corvel for participating.

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery
ILF Office

The corporation lounge was empty. Again. Sakaane sighed and let the door close behind her.

“Such a crowd!” she said to the vacant space. “Wherever shall I sit?”

Sinking down onto the nearest cushion, elbow on her knee and chin cupped in her hand, Sakaane accessed her comm link and flipped through various channels, trying to see where everyone was. But, as had become the norm for her in the last few weeks, there was no one to be found. No Mammal, no Bataav, no anyone.

A familiar feeling of frustration washed over her. TGPI all over again. This is ridiculous. I came home to help my homeworld but instead find myself sitting idle. I could have stayed in Bereye and accomplished exactly the same!

Despite the encouraging first impression ILF had made upon her arrival in August, her excitement and hope from being home again for the first time in six years had quickly been crushed, starting with a triple set of losses to other capsuleers—one of which had nothing to do with actual combat but was due entirely to an embarrassing mistake on her part. Tactics and combat down here were so very different to what she was used to in high security space. How many years shooting Serpentis and yet I feel I have learned…nothing.

Immediately after that her new corpmates all seemed to evaporate. This sudden and disturbing lack of activity from the corporation had left Sakaane alone in Intaki. With SCUM and Tuskers running rampant through the area, space was simply too volatile for a single pilot, already feeling inadequate to the task, to venture out into space and do anything but be a target.


I haven’t had a nightmare like this in a long time. It jolted me awake last night and left me unable to get back to sleep. I’m stiff and sore as if it really happened. :(

For a while now I’ve been wanting to get back into dream journalling. I used to do it a lot about ten years ago (I even still have my journal from back then!) but over the years life got busy, I got distracted, and it dropped off the bandwagon. This nightmare was particularly poignant so I figure now is as good a time as any to get back into it. I’m rusty though…

Certain terms are highlighted. These are things that stuck out particularly strongly. I’ll explore their meaning after describing the dream.

Here we go:


Thanks to Devan Corvel and Nailo Zook for participating.

Bereye III – Moon 1 – Roden Shipyards Factory
Golden Phoenix Inc. Office

Sakaane sat at her desk, staring at a datapad. The display swam before her, prompting her to drop the device with a sigh so she could massage her temples and forehead. The act did nothing to ease the ache behind her eyes; she leaned forward instead, resting her elbows on the desk and leaving her head in her hands.

It had been a hard twelve months and Sakaane felt drained. A year had passed since the first Caldari occupation of Intaki and everything had gone downhill from there. She’d lost Mourning Star and its crew to rogue slavers because of her own stupid, completely avoidable negligence: she’d been so worried about her homeworld that her mind wandered from the battle and she’d failed to activate any defenses. Some weeks later, reports began to surface of shortages in Intaki, and by June of YC111, the Caldari had swept through the rest of the Federation war zone, claiming it all for the State. Long conversations with Njal about these developments had ignited a desire to go back to Intaki and fight for independence…but still she found herself in hisec.

She opened her eyes. The datapad’s display listed the current Golden Phoenix roster. Annoyingly, all but four of the names showed as inactive, including Nailo’s, their CEO, and she sighed. More and more over the last year, Devan had been forced to step into his shoes and make decisions that shouldn’t have been his to make. He’d stay up late working on reports and tasks which should have been solely the responsibility of the CEO and no one else. His own responsibilities and other obligations, including to her, had fallen more and more by the wayside, and she’d seen him less and less for all the time he spent holed up in the corp office. Nailo had been more or less unreachable and left no word as to when he’d resurface. The corporation had floundered without proper guidance, and there had been no one else with at least some authority to do anything about that but Devan.


Following is a timeline of events notable to Sakaane’s history.
Note: Employment history in YC110 has been adjusted for roleplay purposes so will not jive with the in-game character sheet.





  • 11.10 – Second appearance of anonymous benefactor.
  • 10.24 – Sakaane returns to the ILF.
  • 09.22 – Speaks with Suresha Hawke and realizes her loyalties.
  • 09.18 – Leaves the ILF for a one-month training sabbatical.
  • 08.15 – Accepted to Intaki Liberation Front.
  • 07.24 – Gabriel Alkest gets back in touch.
  • 05.22 – Prepares with Devan Corvel to leave Golden Phoenix Inc.
  • 05.11 – Meets Bataav via “FreeIntaki”.
  • 05.11 – Learns of the Intaki Liberation Front.
  • 03.21 – Devan and Sakaane’s relationship ends.
  • 03.06 – Devan becomes CEO of Golden Phoenix Inc.


  • 11.22 – Attends Nailo Zook’s wedding on the Crystal Boulevard.
  • 11.17 – Senate denies votes to inhabitants of occupied systems.
  • 10.13 – First appearance of anonymous benefactor.
  • 08.20 – Begins to feel a need to return to Intaki.
  • 08.20 – Ishukone wins development rights to Intaki.
  • 05.01 – Standard of living on Intaki Prime is in decline.
  • 03.27 – Violent response to Caldari occupation of Intaki.


  • 12.07 – Sakaane finds something special.
  • 11.25 – Promoted to Director of Personnel of TGPI.
  • 09.03 – Moves to Bereye and meets TGPI.
  • 09.02 – Resigns from the Federal Navy and joins Golden Phoenix Inc.
  • 09.02 – Leadership of Federation Navy called into question.
  • 08.25 – CalNavy attacks vs FedNavy increase near Black Rise.
  • 07.28 – Asked to handle a case of stolen arms.
  • 06.10 – Tibus Heth conquers Caldari Prime.
  • 06.10 – President Foiritan orders ceasefire.
  • 06.10 – Deployed with Federation fleet to Tierijev.
  • 06.10 – Gallente declare war on Caldari.
  • 06.10 – Caldari Navy invasion of Luminaire via Kassigainen.
  • 05.22 – Participates in Fed/Min Navy “Brotherhood” exercise.
  • 05.15 – Nyx crashes into Ishukone headquarters.
  • 05.09 – Meets Gabriel Alkest.
  • 03.14 – Placed into active service with Federal Navy.
  • 03.09 – Graduates from the Federal Navy Academy.



  • 02.09 – Reschard V rocked by planetary explosion.


  • 05.25 – Issued first training capsule.
  • 01.13 – SCC diplomats slain in pirate attack in Vey.


  • 02.20 – Accepted into Federal Navy Academy.
  • 02.19 – Arrives at Scolluzer VII – Moon 3 – Federal Navy Academy.
  • 02.19 – Capsule-Bound.
  • 02.17 – Finishes liquidating assets to purchase frigate.
  • 02.08 – Released from hospital.


  • 11.02 – Surviving passengers are rescued.
  • 10.31 – Passenger liner is attacked by Serpentis.
  • 10.31 – Departs Intaki with family to attend a talent scout event.